My Graduation Day – I did it!

Hi, I’m Meilei and my mission is travel and live around the world.

I am a recent Bachelor of Multimedia in Media Studies graduate.  Ever since my graduation in March 2011, I’ve just been travelling.

Meilei in Dubrovnik

In Dubrovnik, Croatia 2011


I was born in Melbourne, Australia.  I have travelled to many countries and wanted to be a flight attendant as a child.

During high school, I found myself interested in the web and started making websites at the age of 14.  That then expanded to making graphics, animations and videos and then I told myself.. I want to work within the Multimedia Industries.

In 2006, I dropped out of my first year of University as I found myself struggling with my career path and decided to pursue working for the Travel Industry.  I told my mother about my plans to become a flight attendant, however, she did not approve.  So she introduced me to a travel agent who then introduced me to a travel company in Melbourne.  From there I worked within the ticketing department, dispatching paper tickets and copies of e-tickets to travel agents.  I learnt a lot during my time at there.  I learnt about how the travel industry works from retail to ticketing, how we get air fares, airport and airline codes, phonetic alphabets and most of all… how routine the job was.. I was working full-time and my mind was about to explode.

I really enjoyed working with the people there however I couldn’t take the daily routines. So I had to re-evaluate my life.

I thought is this what I wanted to do?  No.  I wanted to travel.

The following year I re-enrolled back into the same course and took up a part-time job as a Dental Receptionist as well as ‘trying’ to freelance at the same time.  I figured after I graduate I can work as a freelancer and travel around the world at the same time.  I worked very hard and planned my immediate future.  That plan was to save as much money as possible, finish University and take a year off to travel before establish my freelance career.  This was the year.  In 2011, after I graduated I took off..


Ever since I took off after my graduation, I formed a relationship with Eric – now my fiance – as I was travelling. We both wanted to do something with our lives and decided to start our own mobile app business – Pork ‘n’ Bunny – and live around the world together.  Why not? Both our skills compliment each other and we wanted the same things in life. It was the perfect plan.

My fiance and I getting ready to explore SE Asia 2012


Eric and I are now a married couple and had our beautiful wedding in Thailand in January.  A great start to the third year of my travels.  Who knows where we’re heading next!  So far we’ve short listed living in Germany for a few months and potentially head to America to buy our first car and do a whole lota driving around USA. Update: we didn’t end up going to Germany and stayed as a hermit in Australia working on our Pork ‘n’ Bunny business.

Beach wedding with an Elephant!

Beach wedding with an Elephant!


So it’s now 2014 and we’ve relocated to Seattle, Washington in USA since January 11th.  In 2013, was a very lonely year for us professionally and the money we were making is enough to travel the world but not enough to raise a family in 2-3 years time so we’ve decided to do the unthinkable – work 9 to 5 again.  My husband got a job as a Software Engineer for Amazon.com. Who knows what will happen in America. Will we finally settle after 2 years and end up with a mortgage?  What will happen to Pork ‘n’ Bunny?  We’ll only find out later in the year..

Take a romantic photo at Kerry Park in Queen Anne WA

At Kerry Park in Queen Anne overseeing Downtown Seattle



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