7 Days in Las Vegas

People say to me 7 days (from 10-17 July) in Vegas is a long time. Well let’s see about that! Here’s what I did in 7 days in Vegas last week! (It was hot hot hot over 100F/40C everyday!)

Before I start, we booked our flights (Alaskan Air) and hotel (Venetian Palazzo) and car through Costco Travel by far the cheapest!

Day 1

My husband and I arrived at night and picked up our Mustang convertible! If you want to make the most of Vegas, hiring a car is very affordable and best way to travel around (without joining a tour which probably cost just as much as DIY!). Easy peasy! Every hotel on the Strip have free Self-Parking. All very convenient! Especially during summer, it’s nice to drive with A/C than to walk in the sun!

It was late so not much are open so we spent the night exploring Wynn. For late night happy hours, here’s a list on Yelp and TripAdvisor!

Day 2

Desert + Summer = Insanely hot! So it means if we want to do a road trip we do it early in the morning! A good short road trip is going to Red Rock Canyon which is only 20 miles from The Strip. It’s 7USD entry per vehicle. You drive through a 13 mile scenic route and you can do a bit of hiking as well. Lots of view points to stop at. Nice and easy day trip!

Since we missed out on dinner the night before, we were starving so we walked across to the  and they had awesome Asian food and beautiful dessert and cake display. OMG the cakes are soooooo pretty! Then we did a but of exploring and shopping and had a peek at Freedom Fest at Planet Hollywood.

Watched Le Rêve The Dream from Tix4Tonight. I highly recommend Le Rêve The Dream! Awesome show and also I always get my tickets from Tix4Tonight. They always have great deals on shows, restaurants and buffets!

Since it’s a Friday we headed to Penn Jillette Rock ‘n’ Roll Bacon & Donut Party! Mmmm Krispy Kreme…. 😛 Eric is a big fan of James Randi and was so nerves to ask for a photo which he eventually got! It was a great night and we met some wonderful people. A shout out to Rob and Andrew 🙂

Day 3

Rise and shine! Off to another road trip! For a longer one, we’re headed 3 hour drive to Grand Canyon West! You must see the Grand Canyon once in your life! It is absolutely beautiful. We went nice and early to beat the tour buses. When you arrive you’ll need to buy tickets. We got the Legacy Gold Package 80.94USD which includes the Sky Walk, Shuttle bus and meals. I recommend the Sky Walk. It is a very different experience than just looking at the Canyons! Eric is afraid of heights but he still did it anyway! There are rails you can hold on to and it’s really does feel safe and solid. It’s a pity you can’t take your own photos and instead you can get professional photography from 15USD.

On the way back to The Strip I saw my very first dust devils! It was so exciting! But what caught Eric’s attention was Bullets and Burgers at Arizona Last Stop. They have a great area to take lots of photos. You can eat, shoot, ride on a massive monster truck! Of course it’s a bit pricy, but you’re not going to have fun unless you spend a few bucks right? So to make most of the money, Eric had to go for the big boy! A Barrett M82A1. It was loud and I’m quite scared of loud sounds so taking photos wasn’t easy for me.. I regret not taking a video.. such a waste 😦

Then the rest of the day we relaxed and explored the casinos (and gambled of course!)

Day 4

This day was the HOTTEST DAY during our stay. So we kept it simple and went for a dip in the Venetian pools. Had breakfast at Las Vegas top breakie place called Mr. Mama. It is usually crowded but we got lucky. I’m not a fan of American breakfast (the heaviness and amount) but I gotta say, Mr. Mama have really good food and they have really great wait staff. I felt immediately welcomed, great service and so good tips for them!

Then we did some shopping and checked out World of Coca-Cola! We got the Tastes of the World which comes with 16 International Flavours. Too much for 2 people but it was really good experience (there are 1 or 2 yucky tasting ones!). My fave is Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica 🙂

Went to The Gun Store to shoot my first guns EVER! Trust me I was not excited and did not enjoy it but I had to do it once in my life. The Gun Store is great though. I don’t hate guns, I just don’t like how loud it is (just like thunderstorms) and I hate the smell of gun powder. I had the Coalition Package instead of the Ladies Package because Eric said smaller guns are much harder. Note to everyone: never give me a gun because I’m very good at hitting the victims!! Once I spot my target, just after I pull the trigger I actually close my eyes…. You can watch me shooting here.. My instructor was incredibly patient with me!!

In the evening we went to watch Fantasy: The Strip’s Biggest Tease at the Luxor. I loved it! I thought it was a great show with really really good comedy! You see titties and all but I liked the comedian part the best! It is adults only so there will be adult humour!

At the Luxor we were approached by some timeshare people. They offer discounted tickets but you have to go through some refunds blah blah blah and they never disclose they are timeshare. I absolutely dislike timeshare people who hastily try to get you signed up to something and there’s a massive catch to the discounts or draws to win a car. Alarm bells starts to ring they ask me, “How long are you staying in Vegas for?” followed by “Where are you from?”. They really ruin the Vegas experience. If you don’t know what timeshare is I suggest you do some research. Basically they’ll take you somewhere far away, talk to you about investing in a property, and get you to sign up and it usually costs in the thousands. They are everywhere in Vegas. To me they are a scam. You have been warned.

Day 5

Although you can do the Hoover Dam when you go to the Grand Canyon, we wanted to do it today instead. I’ve only been to the bridge to have a view point of Hoover Dam and thought, “Yup that’s enough. Seen it now!” But really I recommend you go down to the Dam and look again. I’m glad we did it because Hoover Dam has an amazing Art Deco design. Parking is $10.

For lunch/dinner we went to Vegas #1 Buffet – Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. Due to it’s popularity, according to Yelp! The best times to go are from Mondays to Wednesday either 8-8:30am or 4-4.30pm. I went at 3pm on a Monday and there was a small queue and I would agree 4pm is a good time as it gets a big empty during that time. I thought the buffet was average and wasn’t worth the line nor money. The seafood was a let down but the dessert was very good. Large selection!

At night we went to see Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo. I didn’t know what to expect but it was a pretty good darn show! Great audience participation and they really know how to get you in the mood! Highly highly recommend! The end of the show is extremely fun and I don’t want to spoil it 😉

Day 6

By day 6 we were running out of things to do. We were suppose to go to Statosphere Thrill Rides but decided we’re not interested and feel like a roller-coaster instead. New York New York has a fantastic roller-coaster but I’ve been too many times so we headed to Circus Circus Adventuredome instead and took our chances at El Loco ;-). 10USD pp, very short but as long as theres an adrenaline and free fall feel, I’m happy to pay for that experience!

Lunchtime it’s time for some Rollin Smoke BarbequeNow I’m not a fan of smoked food so I didn’t order it but Eric got the Outlaw Burger and it was huge but worth it! The staff there are extremely nice and generous. I would come back again on my next visit!

You want a good buffet and great value? I think Rio’s Carnival World Buffet is the best for value! We went for dinner and I was just amazed at how big the buffet was! I was told it was one of the biggest in vegas! Worth a visit you guys! Seriously! I noticed a lot of people went for the crab (probably to make their money worth while) but I’d say, I went for the Chinese food (even though I could get it anywhere) but I really enjoy their Chinese food! Dessert isn’t as good as Bacchanal but I don’t really eat dessert anyway. Eric says the meat selection is very good!

While we’re at Rio, we watched Penn & Teller. To be honest I didn’t enjoy as much as I wanted because I’ve seen most of their tricks on T.V (Eric is a huge fan and we watched a lot of Penn’s shows and podcasts). But we were there for the bullet trick. Apparently, no one can figure out how they did it. I’m still trying to figure it out myself! And at the end, you can take photos with them. Although there was a large crowd, I was impressed how Penn & Teller could get a photo with everyone in an organised manner.

After having spent so long in Vegas, you kinda get bored of The Strip but you can change that but going to the Old Strip in Fremont. I’m talking about the Fremont Street Experience! Best seen at night, there are lot to see! The highlight of the street to me was when an Elvis impersonator sings, Slotzilla, Heart Attack Grill (if you weigh over 350 lb you can eat free!), the light shows, the ladies and the vibe of it all. The atmosphere there is very different from The Strip. The buildings are a lot smaller and closer together, I felt the tourist here were older but it kinda felt like a community for some reason. It feels intimate and everyone is just so darn happy! I loved it! It’s a lot tackier but to me it’s just part of the experience!

Day 7

Got up at 5am and time to go home.. I do think 7 days is a long time in Vegas. You can only have so much energy 🙂 I think 4 days would’ve been more than enough! I’ll be back Vegas!