The Chinese Housewife (my new project!)

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My New Project “The Chinese Housewife” YouTube Channel

Since the beginning of May I’ve been experimenting with YouTube. I have tried to do so in the past but that obviously didn’t work out. It is a ton of work to travel and do video at the same time. Also the fact that we weren’t really sure how we’re going to do it while juggling with our mobile app business. But now I’m in the US and I’m not allowed to work yet, I’m pretty much a very bored housewife. I’ve been cooking a lot and decided well I could try out YouTube again. To my surprise it is a lot of fun!

Here is my latest video so far:

I’ve been doing unscripted cooking videos and attempting vlogs so far and just trying to wing it to get the hang of being in front of the camera (I’m quite camera shy). I’ve done video productions in the past at University but never dared to film myself. I’ve decided I’ll use this as an opportunity to become confident and a way for my family to keep up with me (because they never read my blog.. they love to watch YouTube though!).

It’s been fun because I learnt that my voice isn’t too bad (I used to really hate my voice) and my husband helps me and we always have a good time working together 🙂 He also has started his own YouTube Channel here. Making a video takes about half a day for me.

So if you’re interested in my latest project, you can keep up with me by subscribing to my Youtube Channel or Liking my Facebook Page.

I will continue to blog here at Meilei’s Travels and keep travelling when I can (hint: I’m going to Seychelles towards the end of the year for my pen pal’s wedding!!)