My First Experience Driving On The Right Side Of The Road

In Australia, we drive on the left side of the road and my family would tell me to be careful driving in USA and how dangerous it is (I blame Cops on T.V) but I got behind the wheel anyway!

My rental car

One of the shots we took when we first got the car!

We got a rental car supplied by Amazon (from Nationals) for a month. Towards the end of the rental, I thought I better take this opportunity and conquer my fear of driving on the right side of the road!

First stop CHINATOWN (to do my grocery).

The very first mistake I made was going to the passenger side.. Oh yeah.. it’s the other side of the car here… doh!

We had a good-looking red Chevrolet Impala. I’m used to the Toyota Camry so there was a bit of learning curve for me but good thing it’s an Automatic which is pretty VERY common nowadays 😛

After a quick safety check I drove 😀

I’m used to driving in the city so driving Downtown isn’t as scary as off little roads. In Downtown it’s pretty much One Way streets, but the thing that gets me the most is the intersections.

The 4-way Stop

When you approach a 4-way stop sign. You only go if you come first or if you come the same time as someone, always give the right of way to the vehicle to the right. People are pretty good at giving way but I find in Chinatown, don’t rely on the Asian drivers! You know how in China they don’t line up and always try to push in first? Yeah that can happen mainly on a weekend!

Seattle in general have pretty bad drivers but Chinatown has a concentration of them (especially on the weekends!)

You should check out this article “The Worst Drivers in America. A Dissertation” about Seattle drivers in general! It’s a good read 🙂 It’s pretty true..

Other things I noticed..

Pot holes, confusing lanes and faint paint strips..

I think a lot of the poor driving issues are the road conditions here. My friends from California says Seattle has probably the worst roads they’ve seen. During the day, there are a lot of paint strips are barely visible! I’ve seen so many people drive in both lanes without knowing it especially when turning left. It’s worst at night because although there are bumps on the lines, they don’t reflect :-/ And pot holes vary in occurrence and sizes..

Turning on a Red Light

I love this part the most! You’re allowed to turn right on a red light (if it doesn’t tell you otherwise). As much as I love it, I also find it very dangerous. It’s easy to not see the pedestrian sometimes because at times they seem to appear out of no where :-/ You can also do a left turn on a red light only if it’s a one way street! That’s pretty sweet!

No Speed Cameras (not that I know of anyway)

OMG, this is probably the best part! My husband and I were soooo thrill that there was no speed cameras. On the freeways people drive  about 65 – 75 mph on a 60 mph speed limit. It really is awesome and if you download Waze app it’ll let you know if there’s a police nearby 😀

At the end, it wasn’t that scary 🙂 Anyone experienced driver can handle it. The good news is 2 weeks I go I passed my WA driving test 🙂 One of the easiest driving test I’ve every done because I passed even though I hit a cone when reverse parallel parking!  That would’ve been an instant fail back home!!!!!!!!!