You’re immigrating? But but what about your family?!

Good bye, home! Hello opportunity!

Good bye, home! Hello opportunity!

When I told my friends and family I’m moving to America the most common response I received was, “But what about your family?”.

“What about them?” I said.  “They’ll miss you while you’re gone!” 

OK sure, I guess they’ll miss me but you know you shouldn’t worry about your friends and family.  They are fine without you!

The fact that you think that you need to be geographically close to your family is the reason that’s holding you back from living or going abroad for a long time is a very poor excuse my friend.  They are only a call away! You want to live a fulfilling life and to maximise opportunities, you need to broaden your scope and look beyond your home.  You will leave your family behind and follow your dreams!  There I said it! Leave your family behind because you’re not doing it for them, you’re doing it for YOU.

… to maximise opportunities, you need to broaden your scope and look beyond your home.

That’s what I’m talking about ladies and gentlemen! The will to follow your dreams and to take action.  You’ve probably heard this many times before but you know what’s funny?  The answer we seek are always right in front of us but somehow it is always overlooked.  It’s a shame and I’m very guilty of it but when you finally realise the potential, the entire world is open to you.  You’ve literately put down the barriers and suddenly you have abundance of options.  Horrah!

What do you want in life?

Knowing what you want is the first step of everything.  You need to know which of your wants/goals are your priority.  If your priorities are like mine – to explore the world, live a fulfilling life and to find happiness – then you need to be open minded and make a move.  You can still have a fulfilling life without going abroad but it just isn’t enough sometimes.  Just like you, I wanted to explore and discover new things that will improve my life and experience new adventures.  Stories that I can tell my future kids and my kids’ kids.

If you’re more of a career person, exploring internationally options is very good for your resume.  Just say you’re into finance, why not work in New York, Hong Kong and London where there are tons of big name financial institutions.  You want to be an actor? A techie? A tradesman? etc, there’s a place for you out there to maximise your career and bank account!

Nothing is impossible.  Information and help is everywhere.  Only you can make a difference in your life.

What are you afraid of?

Are you working your butt off trying to save for your first home?  Or maybe you already have a mortgage and a car and you can’t leave these behind because you’ve worked so hard for them.  Are you like everybody else who thinks that life is going to school, work, buy a house and car, get married and start a family?  I’m sorry to tell you this but I’m afraid this belief is owning you.  You are being held prison to this lifestyle that you’ve forgotten that such a life will always be there if you choose to come back to it. 

Take awhile and think, “What if I don’t own a home or a car or what if I quit my job?”.  What answers did you come up with?  Actually, what feelings did you feel? Was it insecurity?

If it was, that is perfectly normal. Now you just need to overcome those insecurities by reasoning with yourself.  Can you live without it to achieve your ultimate goal?  With some sacrifices and planning you can.

In conclusion, if family is important to you, living abroad does not mean family is not important anymore.  You’re family will understand and support your decisions.  Think of it as ‘establishing your OWN life’.  Your family will always want the best for you and home will always be there waiting for you.

What are you afraid of that’s stopping you from achieving your goals?