New Year, New Country

So it’s now 2014 and it’s been a week since I’ve moved to Seattle WA, USA.  Yes I’ve moved to another country for good! Why you ask? Well it was part of the plan to go to America anyway but truth to be told, my husband got a job with  They are employing at such a high rate that pretty much everyone new to Seattle works for them (or Microsoft or Google or some tech company).  Nevertheless, I’m pretty excited to be in a new country as I have been pretty inactive in 2013..

Last year was probably one of the most boring and depressing year of my life.  After getting married and travelled around Thailand for a month, the rest of the year we just stayed in Australia and did pretty much nothing but stay home and work.  It’s not easy having your own business but we tried and some projects you just have to abandoned if it just isn’t working.

Since mid 2011, we’ve been living very very frugally because haven’t your own business isn’t easy.  It also isn’t easy when we’re working on big mobile apps having only Eric as the developer. We’ve thought about hiring other developers but our income couldn’t support it, and most of all, it couldn’t support the future of having a children.  Also being in Australia (and travelling the past years) have been very lonely professionally.  And because of that, we’re back to 9 to 5 probably for a few years but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop travelling.  America is a very big place to explore and I’m excited!

I’ll keep ya posted!