Hens Day Trip at Mornington Peninsula

I’M BACK EVERYBODY! Yes yes I’m alive and blogging again.  This whole time I’ve been prioritising work and my twin sister is getting married this Sunday!  So it’s been pretty busy as you can imagine!  Also got big plans to go to U.S and A, hah!  Seriously, cannot wait to go as I am getting REALLY bored in Australia (we’ve been hibernating trying to work hard for our big future plans and I’VE GAINED WEIGHT.. feelsbadman.jpg).  But I did do some fun things.. like my sister’s Hen’s Getaway to Mornington Peninsula located south of Victoria.

It was a bitch to organise (I’m the Maid of Honor) but I had some help and we made it happen and cheap too!  First stop, Peninsula Hot Spring!

Peninsula Hot Spring

If you’re ever going to Mornington, you should really visit Peninsula Hot Spring!  But make sure you get early bird for discount price of $20 (save $15!).  There’s no time limit so you can stay as long as you want but I think 2 hours is enough. 🙂  You don’t need much but your bathers, towels, slippers/crocs, clothes and a bottle of water.

You can hire robe, towels ($3) and locker ($2, can fit 2 backpacks).  If you want to save money on locker hire, there are shelves to leave your belongings otherwise, just bring a towel.  It is highly recommended that you make a booking as it gets very packed during peak times.  Online bookings will need to be paid in full.

To make the most of the hot spring here are my VERY IMPORTANT tips!

How to make the most of the hot spring (Very Important)

  1. Book early bird and arrive at 7.30am.
  2. Start from TOP to bottom.  You’ll want to do this because there’s only ONE pool in the summit with a view and you’d wanna hog it and take lots of photos.
  3. Don’t forget to try the Turkish bath house, cold water dip and spa.
  4. Most of all, have fun!

We’re very thankful of my smart thinking little sister who helped us make the most of the hot spring.  Trust me, you will regret not going from top to bottom.  It will get very busy near 10am.  We went on a Saturday, fyi.

peninsula hot springs

The bride-to-be and I.  Yes, my body has seen better days.. married life makes you fat! But who cares 😛

peninsula hot springs

I think it’s meant for our feet but it’s more fun this way 🙂

I had a really good time at the hot springs.  To be honest, I thought it would be boring, but going with a group of 7 girls and bagging pools is kinda fun >:-D  The pools are hot at first but you get used to it after a while and you’ll really enjoy the company and relaxing the most.  It can also be very romantic.   I’d love to go to the evening sessions with my husband one day.

peninsula hot springs

bubbles! Enjoying a nice fierce spa!

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Although this was just a short wine tasting shopping trip.  It was still fun because the staff at Sunny Ridge are incredibly nice. Strawberries everywhere from cups, wines, snacks and jams!

Free wine tasting everyone.  If you like sweet alcohol, I highly recommend coming here and try some.  I wanted to buy all of it. It was very nice. 🙂


They also have a lot of free sample nibbles like chocolate covered dry-freeze strawberries!  Those were to die for and bought myself a pack ($5).

sunny ridge strawberry farm

Free strawberry wine tasting! Very delicious!

Unfortunately, August is not the season for strawberry picking but that’s ok.  My mum bought a small pack of fresh strawberries ($4) and it was very good.  Sweet with a bit of sourness (it’s very very hard to find very sweet strawberries grown in Australia).  Not as good as British strawberries though.. sweet, plump and juicy… British strawberries are the best! I’ll never forget my first British strawberry orgasm.. can’t get it out of my mind.. oh so goooood!

sunny ridge strawberry farm

Huge fresh strawberries! $4 for a small pack.

T’Gallant Winery | Spuntino Bar

T’Gallant is located just around the corner of Sunny Ridge. A friend recommended it and I’m glad she did because it is a great lunch spot for large groups plus more.  Here, let me list them for you:

  • Free wine tasting
  • Outdoor and indoor seating
  • Outdoor seating have the beautiful view of the vineyard
  • Two restaurants, Spuntino Bar (casual) and La Baracca Trattoria (fancier)
  • Live band
T'Gallant Cellar Door

T’Gallant staff pours some wine of our choice for tasting

Wine tasting here is very very organised for large groups and professional.  I was impressed but I prefered Sunny Ridge’s wine because I like sweet stuff.  A lot of the wines we tried was a little too dry for my liking (but I didn’t try as much since I got a little tipsy! Oops!).

T'Gallant Cellar Door

Bride-to-be tasting in style.  Do you like the veil?  She made it herself ^_^

Sucks balls that all the outdoor seating was taken, but it’s ok, indoors will do.

T'Gallant Spuntino Bar

My very yummy Mushroom Monsieur lunch $14

T'Gallant Spuntino Bar


T'Gallant Spuntino Bar

Modern way of waiting for food (or anything really =] )

Food was very delicious.  A stranger loved my sister’s veil so much that she bought it off her!  Very random, haha.


Bride-to-be pretending to sniff the tulip 🙂

We’re very lucky it was a lovely day and perfect for group photo with the beautiful vineyard view.



Outdoor seating with view of the vineyard

Get your Onesies on and Party Hard!

After a long day, the real party starts back at our accommodation at Blairgowrie owned by my sister’s colleague.

Look I’m not a fan of Onesies but hey it wouldn’t hurt to be a Seal for the day 🙂  The rest of the night is history…………….. 😉

Onesies hen's party

Bring on the Onesies!

Anyway, give me a comment of you think I did a good job organising the hens, otherwise, tell me how you would spend your hens!

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