Do people have sex on Contiki?

Every time I log onto my blog, first thing I do is look at my stats and search results.  No doubt I’ll always find “hook ups on contiki” and “sex on contiki”.

Well, I’m here to answer your question.

Contiki have a huge reputation of sex and booze.  You could be sleeping with your fellow travellers, the locals and even your tour manager and bus driver!!  Oh the possibilities!

I’ve even read on some forums some have orgies!! Oh-M-GEEEEE!

I’ve seen hook ups but heard more rumours so I can’t confirm anything from my tour (not that I care).  It’s cool to see how open people are.  I feel like we are one big family.  I personally love gossip and oh there’s tons of gossip especially when out drinking.  ‘I heard this I heard that!’ MUAHAHAHAHA Relax, it’s all just entertainment for me.  Everyone’s got a story of their young and reckless days!  This is just one of them!

Also, on other tour companies, stuff like this happen all the time.

Anyway, back to the topic now.. Just like you, I wanted to know too!

The stranger who hooked up on tour

Not long ago I attended a birthday party and started talking with a friendly guy who’ve travelled a lot.  I asked him what was his most memorable.  He said it would have to be his European Contiki tour.  Now, he was very honest and admitted he wanted to get laid.

And he had lots of it.  With travellers and locals.  He said that a lot of the boys was there for sex and everyone usually stuck to the one girl throughout the whole tour.  It was a lot easier that way.

A majority of his tour group were single and heart broken and wanted to just have fun again. I noticed that too on my tour.  Anyway, he gave me some advice and said that locals are very easy.

“Oh London’s very easy!  All you have to say is, ‘I’m Australian!'”

And that’s how you do it ladies and gentlemen.  lol.

His stories are very funny and I’m glad we could talk.  I think he also mentioned locals in Amsterdam and Greece are also easy.  I don’t remember but it’s interesting.

Should I still travel with Contiki?

I don’t see why not.  You genuinely just want to travel and not be involved in that kind of “fun”.  You still get to see a lot of sights and lots of activities.  All the those stuff generally happen after dinner.  I usually retreat after dinner.. I’m weak and need sleep haha.  I think people did a pretty good job hiding what they do behind closed door.  So I don’t think it’ll would bother you too much.  But if you want it, at least you know you can get it.

Not Single?

That’s still ok.  There were couples and groups of friends.  It could still be the right tour for you.  If you really want to try but not sure, I highly recommend a shorter tour.  20 days was too long for me as I wanted to stay longer in a lot of countries!

Will I get to see a lot of sights?

If you sleep enough, you will have the energy to see a lot!  Check out my European Experience with Contiki.  I have plenty of photos to prove to you, you get to see a lot!  I went out drinking a few nights.  Knowing what’s on tomorrow generally helps make that judgement.

So did people continue to “see” each other the tour?

I don’t know.  But I know some of them know very clear when it ends, this ends.  I didn’t see any serious relationships.  Some have partners back home and some got a free pass.  I can understand how some people may worry about their partners going on Contiki without you.  I can’t help you with that and it lies within your relationship..  Do you trust each other enough?

The good and bad news..

If your single, I’ve heard good stories.  One girl on my tour was engaged to a man she met on Contiki (from a tour before).  On my tour, she travelled without him.  She’s now happily married with him.  Good for her!

Another girl on my tour, she had a boyfriend back home, in the middle of our trip, he broke up with her and she cried and cried..  Maybe 20 days is a very long time for him.. :-S  But being one be family we are, she had 50 shoulders to cry on! 😛

There’s nothing to worry about

At the end, the main objective to travel and meeting people is still very strong and all that hook up and sex thing is really just on the side stuff.  Tour companies take their reputations very seriously and for the 18’s to 35’s demographic just happens to be like that.

I wonder if seniors get up-to-no-good on seniors tours??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

What do you think about Contiki?