Day 8.2 Dubrovnik

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BusAbout Classic Balkan Trek – Day 8.2 of 9

Around noon, we made a quick stop to a view point to see the walled city of Dubrovnik.  It is a hot day and I would love to jump into the beautiful adriatic blue sea!!

busabout Dubrovnik view point

View point of Duvrovnik

busabout Dubrovnik

Not bad for self shot 🙂

Inside the Walls of Dubrovnik

Tourist tourist tourist everywhere!!  Due the the limited amount of time we get here, first thing I did was go walk around the wall to get an overview of the place. The entrance cost I think I paid around 80 kuna.

busabout Dubrovnik busabout Dubrovnik

View from the Wall

The wall is quite long (almost 2km according to wikipedia).  I remember it took me at least an hour to walk around.  I highly don’t recommend it for the elderly and pregnant women.  There’s some pretty steep steps.

Along the wall isn’t just all view, there’s also about 2 – 3 shops there.

busabout Dubrovnik

Main street

busabout Dubrovnik

Laundry tells me people actually live here!

Not sure if residence get much privacy living in a very touristy place.

busabout Dubrovnik busabout Dubrovnik busabout Dubrovnik busabout Dubrovnik

busabout Dubrovnik

No the man is not naked in this picture!

busabout Dubrovnik

I’m seeing orange!

busabout Dubrovnik

The stairs in the cylinder looking building is the steepest!!

busabout Dubrovnik

Took all my photos with timer because I can’t reach the shutter button on my SLR

busabout Dubrovnik

Steep steps everywhere!

busabout Dubrovnik pistachio ice cream

Mmm Pistachio Ice Cream!! *lick lick*

busabout Dubrovnik pistachio ice cream

Lots and lots of shopping on ground floor!

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  1. I’ve never heard before about Dubrovnik but it’s simply incredible. The contrast between the blue sea, the dried mountains and grasslands ans the strong orange of the roofs are gorgeous! Great pictures! Best wishes, Àngel

    • lol, thanks for describing it. That’s how I see it too but didn’t know how to describe!! (My poor writing skills..)

      But I’m glad the photos speaks for itself. Croatia itself is a very beautiful country.

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