Day 8.1 Budva Old Town

Continued from Day 7 Durres – Budva

BusAbout Classic Balkan Trek – Day 8.1 of 9

Montenegro is a beautiful country (from what I’ve seen so far in 2 days).  In the morning we made a quick trip to the Old Town of Budva.  It’s one of the oldest inhabited town in the world.  The moat surrounding the stone wall is quite majestic.  It makes the old town look so much more secluded when it’s actually quite welcoming and touristy.

Arriving in the morning, there isn’t much to do but seeing a lot of cats coming out of one shop was probably the highlight of this trip 🙂


Our day takes us into Croatia and Dubrovnik. This city is legendary for its well preserved stone walls, great seafood and is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. We arrive into Dubrovnik around mid morning and will stay until mid afternoon so ample time to walk the walls, have a swim and tuck into some fresh seafood for lunch. The last leg of this amazing journey takes us to Split and the Diocletian Palace. Tonight we’ll orientate you around the old city and delve into some excellent Dalmatian food and nightlife.

Old Town of Budva

Ah, the beautiful glare of the sun making this play look holy.

busabout Budva Old Town

The building above needs some scrubbing!

busabout Budva Old Town

busabout Budva Old Town

Love how old the town is with it’s wonky steps.  Modern world is so predictable, such as, if it’s straight – it’s flat, if it’s round – it’s smooth.  Here I can enjoy imperfection, simple and natural.  Wouldn’t you agree?  (Though I agree not safe to walk on sometimes lol).

busabout Budva Old Town

busabout Budva Old Town cats

Serious cat residence!

The cat photo above has a funny short story behind it.  Kim and I was just walking by and all of a sudden someone (who never came out) creepily opened the door slightly.  We watched to see what would happen, one cat came out.. then two… then three…. and more just kept coming and coming and coming!  Good to know even in an old town, there’s a crazy cat person lol.

Anyway.. off to Croatia!

Yay!  I’ve always wanted to go to Croatia!  Heard so much about how beautiful the place was so I had to judge for myself!

busabout Budva

busabout Budva

Travel Bloggers – Avan & Heather

Avan & Heather are Australians who have been travelling and blogging on travelpod since 2005.  They only travel very light and have a website dedicated to helping you travel with cabin sized luggages only called Travel With Less.  Lovely fun couple.  Was a pleasure touring with them.

busabout Budva cruise ship

Beautiful cruise ship, pity I’m not on it!

We’re almost at Dubrovnik..

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