Day 6 Corfu – Durres

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BusAbout Classic Balkan Trek – Day 6 of 9

I would love to stay in Corfu a bit longer and visit other Greek islands but we must go!  Off to Albania! How many people even know where Albania is?

When I told Eric I was going to Albania, he was shocked and a little worried.  Albania was a communist country and has a bad reputation.  Apparently a tour guide told him about how there were Albanians hopping under their bus trying to escape from their country.  It would get so hot there they caught on fire.  Right…  Then there’s movies like Taken where the Albanians kidnap travelling girls, drug them and turn them into sex slaves.  Scary but a great movie!

Anyway, I thought if it was that unsafe we wouldn’t be going there.


We head over the border into Albania and the port city of Durres. Albania is an up and coming European player and with beaches and history to back up its claims. Our drive today will take us through rural Albania with a chance to get to know the local culture a little better before spending the night on the coast and those unspoilt beaches. The sunsets here are fabulous and the local Albanians are willing to please as tourism is just beginning here.

Leaving Corfu Island, Greece

Good bye beautiful island..

busabout leaving corfu busabout leaving corfu people boarding busabout leaving corfu busabout leaving corfu busabout leaving corfu

Welcome to Albania

When you first arrived, you’ll notice all these concrete looking domes.  They are bomb shelters.  Lots of them!  Makes you feel “safe” doesn’t it?  Don’t be fooled, there are some beautiful sights from the road.

busabout albania bomb shelter

First glimpse of bomb shelters everywhere

busabout albania bomb shelter

busabout albania busabout albania busabout albania busabout albania

We stayed at a resort all to ourselves!! It’s quite an ok sized resort, the staff was very nice but the quality of the buildings worry me.  It’s old and my room’s window can’t lock and can be opened from the outside.  I felt like I was at my grandmother’s house with old looking blankets and lamps.

Besides that, we had a great dinner by the sea and had a good dance in the disco room!  Oh and beautiful sunset..

busabout albania resort busabout albania resort busabout albania resort busabout albania resort


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