My Thailand Destination Wedding – Part 3

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Nora Buri Resort & Spa, Koh Samui.

Here Comes The Bride

At 3.45pm, my dad and sisters (bridesmaids) have arrived and I’m in my white dress.  Thank goodness it fits! The last time I wore it.. I couldn’t even zip it up!  Must be Thai food..:-P! Around 4.15pm we got our cue and the hotel staff led us. My sisters walked off first while my dad and I waited.. my dad asked me whether I was nerves.  I said, “No, not at all.”  We then started to proceed down together.  Dad told me to kick the dress so I don’t step on it.  So I looked down and started kicking and kicking. When I looked up ahead I saw the General Manager standing down the steps smiling at me.  I’m not sure what happened next because I started to get all emotional and wanted to break out in tears!

The General Manager congratulated me before I turned to the right to see the lovely decorated lawn for the first time.  It was very beautiful and everyone was standing.  I kept smiling while holding back the tears and walked down the aisle until I saw Eric.  He looked at me and smiled.  I can tell, he too was holding back tears.  My dad handed me over to my husband-to-be and told him to take care of me.  Eric nodded, then looked at me and whispered, “You’re beautiful.”  That made it even harder for me to whole back the tears.

Throughout the ceremony, the pastor gave me a tissue.  I couldn’t control my waterworks but that’s ok.  We decided not to do a legal marriage in Thailand because there’s more paperwork, it costs more and a bit of a hassle when it comes to changing my name back home.  Remember, I wanted no stress 🙂

After the ceremony we shock hands with all our guests and headed back up the steps to the Love Tree.  At Nora Buri, every couple that marries there have their own tree each.  The plant is then planted all around the resort.  A “Just Married” flag is then hoisted up and we return to the lawn to cut the cake, do a toast, take group photos and then we’re off to do our own one and a half hour photo session.  Yes, we had an elephant 😀  He’s a teenager and was a little wild.  I’m not really afraid of animals but this guy kept trying to grab my bouquet and eat it!  He managed to grap 2 flowers from it though!  Cheeky bugga!


A lot of my married friends told me that the bride and groom have no time to eat.  In my case, the wedding was small so I had a chance to eat all the time but maybe had one drink!  We had a set menu of:


The proportion of the dish was just right and the food was delicious!

The staff had done an exceptional job again at decorating the venue.  They also helped organised the Tea Ceremony which I’ve requested.  We had our reception at the Barge which overlooks the sea.  It was a windy day and also quite cool as it rained a few times.  They have a clear shutter to block the wind and rain.  We had a PA system provided by Nora which we hooked up our laptop and used Spotify (Premium, 9.99USD p/m) to play our wedding playlist selected by Eric.  Spotify is a great cloud music player.  I highly recommend if you also plan to do this, subscribe to their Spotify Premium services to avoid ads enable offline playlists.  Very easy to use and saved us from hiring a DJ.  With the money saved we ordered fireworks!

Nora Buri staff did an amazing job and the whole day ran smoothly.

My grandfather was very impressed and said he’s getting old now and thanked me for doing something different for him to see.  He said the view is magnificent and brought back a lot of fond memories from his time as a refugee.  He assured me my parents are happy and that grandma and grandpa loves me very much.  He made me forget about all the worries I had about having a destination wedding.. Thank you, grandpa.  I love you too.

As we retreated back to our hotel room, it was instant honeymoon mode with our room decorated with real flower petals on bed and in bath and 2 swan towels.

IMG_5977 IMG_5981

2 hrs Anodas Spa Special Package

Part of the wedding package you must not miss!!  I don’t really do spas but whoa this spa was sooooo relaxing I think I dozed for a second (and my snore woke me up!).  It is up on a hill so there’s a very beautiful view while you get your treatment and when you bath as well.  They do this whole exfoliating treatment (very thorough) and oil lotion treatment.  The 2 hours will go by and you won’t even notice it!  It’s truly heaven!

Just a note: you are required to be naked but don’t worry, you’ll be decent!  Must to miss it!  You must must must must must must do it!

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