Hakka Roots – part 5

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This is the final section of my Hakka Roots series which I should’ve posted a lot earlier.. this is what happens when you have too many drafts sitting around! 

September 27th, 2012

Dear Diary,

Today was my last day here in Dabu before we head to Meizhou.  So mum took us to the market.  It was a small simple market that mainly sold meat and vegetables.  I was a little screamish because there was washed blood everywhere on the floor.  They butcher chickens infront of you so there was a lot of feathers and guts everywhere.  It sounds bad but I guess it’s very normal here.  In the western world, a lot of the nasty business is done behind closed doors.  Here it’s very direct and straight forward.  “You want chicken? OK!”, slit the throat, dip chicken in boiling water, pluck feather, chop ’em up and bag it.. DONE!  (Something like that..)

My only concern was hygiene but you know what?  I’ve probably eaten a lot of the chickens bought here recently and was ok.  The chicken here is tasty but they lack meat :-/.   The next interesting thing I saw was dental clinics.  Here there is no private room.  I’m just standing outside window shopping and ended up watching a man getting his denture fitted by a dentist.  It was very unusual for me but I have no problem with it.  I think it’s kinda cool actually because dental was never a private thing for me unlike going to a GP.

Well it’s time to go.  While it has been fun here. The simple life is very refreshing for a city girl.  The pace is slower and food is always fresh.  I will miss that..

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