Day 20 Depart Amsterdam

Continued from Day 19 Amsterdam

Contiki European Experience – Day 20 of 20

Last day of Contiki European Experience tour.  20 days group tour is a bit too long for me (I think 14 days is my max from now on).  I chose this tour as an overview of western Europe.  It certainly have opened my eyes what Europe is all about and I can see why so many people are in love with it.

This day people pretty much get taken to the airport or go to London.  In my case I stayed a bit longer as Eric flew down to visit me and we did our own thing (like pot haha!).

Best advice I got about doing pot is eat something sweet after.  I had a hot chocolate afterwards and it was the best tasting hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted!!!  Mind you I don’t know what being high feels like because all I wanted to do was sleep!!  I guess it made me uber relaxed…

My thoughts about Contiki

This Contiki tour was a bit too big of a group for me but with such a large group we were able to travel cheaper as an individual.  That’s the second reason why I chose contiki.  However, I don’t think I’d do another tour more than 14 day tour again :-S.  It isn’t for me.  I discovered I’m a slow pace, relaxed traveller.  There were times I wanted to stay longer in some countries but can’t.

However, I highly recommend it for someone who is on a budget wanting to meet people similar in age.  It’s a great tour for seeing most highlights of each country and the tour manager really jam pack you with information.  Guarantee to also fill your camera with plenty of memories and for some, wonderful drunken nights.  If you’re looking for more, you probably could score (if you know what I mean…… I’m sure it happens).

What I’ve learnt after this tour

  • Travel with a travel backpack! Stairs stairs stairs everywhere!!
  • Don’t pack so much.
  • Take Multi-vitamins/Vitamin C early in the trip or before to improve your health.
  • Walking shoes is a good idea!

Next Tuesday post will be about preparations I did for this tour and as a first-time european tourist (this one’s for you Sya!)

Anyway, here are some random “artistic” shots I tried to do…


Central Station


Bike anyone?


Perhaps scooters?


Bike parking only!