Day 19 Amsterdam

Continued from Day 18 Rhine Valley To Amsterdam

Contiki European Experience – Day 19 of 20

This day is pretty much the last day of our tour and we get to do anything we want and the last remaining optionals.

Sex Museum

The sex museum is a small but interesting and only cost 4 euros!  I thought it was worth the money as I quite enjoyed the quirkiness of the displays they had.  It is centrally located so it isn’t hard to find (near central station).  There was nothing really seedy about it but more about types of sex, sex in history and culturally.  The fetish stuff was hilarious haha.  Well I find it hilarious.. some may find it quite disgusting haha.

contiki amsterdam sex museum

fetish stuff

contiki amsterdam sex museum

Asian Sex artworks

contiki amsterdam sex museum contiki amsterdam sex museum contiki amsterdam sex museum contiki amsterdam sex museum contiki amsterdam sex museum

The flat streets of Amsterdam.  Very bicycle friendly but don’t stand in the bike lane.. the cyclist aren’t the nicest of people!

contiki amsterdam

Streets of Amsterdam

Shopping in Amsterdam is great because it’s actually not that expensive and you can fine all sorts of stuff you might never see in your country (like drug related stuff).

contiki amsterdam


Anne Frank House

It is such a pity that you can not take photos inside Anne Frank House! To be honest I only remember very little about what the house look like from the inside.  However, I do remember a que to buy tickets (9 euros for Adults)!

contiki amsterdam Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

Canal Bike Tour (Optional 13.00 euros)

Make sure you have men on board!!  Pedalling is very very tiring!  Water and snacks was provided on this tour.  Basically we go around the canal and having a bit of fun bumping each other because we’re very uncoordinated!  Don’t forget to bring hat, sunglasses and sunscreen!  If  you want something more relaxing, there’s always the canal cruise!

contiki amsterdam canal bike tour

Getting the boys to do all the work

contiki amsterdam canal bike tour

contiki amsterdam

Nice park!

contiki amsterdam canal bike tour

Paddling hard!

Canal Cruise (Optional 22 euros)

Similar view to the Canal Bike Tour but without the hard work.  Everyone gets a glass of champagne on board.  Just relax with company and enjoy the ride.

contiki amsterdam canal cruise

Canal cruise

contiki amsterdam canal cruise

Bridge closing

Do not forget to take a shot of the famous sign I amsterdam!  I wish my camera did panorama… Can you find me?

contiki amsterdam sign contiki amsterdam sign contiki amsterdam sign

Sea Palace Restaurant (Optional 32 euros)

At the end of the day, we enjoyed our dinner together as a group with Chinese food.  It was a nice big restaurant with average Chinese food.contiki amsterdam Sea Palace Restaurant Amsterdam

Our last dinner together at Sea Palace Restaurant
contiki amsterdam Sea Palace Restaurant Amsterdam

Missed chinese food so much

Last night to party together

And was also our last night partying together.  I don’t really go dancing but this day was an exception.

contiki amsterdam night out

Partying up the last night together!

contiki amsterdam night out

DJ that can sing!

Walking back to our hotel I passed by some very colourful condoms!

contiki amsterdam condoms

Condom designs!


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  1. Thanks for this post! It reminded me of my stay there, and I must admit I was amazed at how much I loved Amsterdam…the Sex museum, the canals, the bikes wizing by and the Anne Frank House.

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