Day 18 Rhine Valley To Amsterdam

Continued from Day 17 Swiss Alps To Rhine Valley

Contiki European Experience – Day 18 of 20

Rhine Valley

This day was fun.  Near where we stayed the night before, our tour manager took us to the World’s Biggest Beer Stein shop.  It had the most impressive collection of steins I’ve ever seen!  They even had special Contiki Steins with landmarks of all the places you visit on your contiki travel.  That’s really special.  They have traditional steins, modern steins, really really big steins and many other unique designs.  Really worth having a look.

contiki beer stein shop

Beer stein shop!  I just noticed the no photo sign.. whoops!

Just down the road there’s a toy shop selling Steiff teddy bears.  I love teddy bears and when I was young I told myself to buy a Steiff bear some day.. dream come true 🙂  Even better.. VAT FREE!! teehehe!

contiki Steiff German Teddy Bears

Me posing with a big old Steiff German Teddy Bears

I wasn’t prepared how expensive the bears can be but the shop assistant helped me choose a bear for me within my price range.  I was told they go up in value over time.. hmmm we’ll see if I ever do sell it!  I love it very much 🙂

contiki Steiff German Teddy Bears

I bought a 109.95 euro teddy bear celebrating 100 years of teddy! (Got VAT back for this). He also makes like a sheep noise..

More places they take you at St. Goar are mentioned here in Contikipedia.

Off to Amsterdam last stop!

Stopped by the cheese farm/clog maker’s house.  Didn’t see much cheese in the making but we got to taste them all!!  It was really really delicious!  I’ve never enjoyed cheese sample as much as I have here!  Also the room smells like farts because of the cheese keke.  The fruit cheese was my favourite 😛

contiki cheese farm

Cheese farm.. imagine the smell.. yup.. cheesy farts..

contiki cheese making

The making of cheese

contiki cheese tasting

Cheese Tasting.. they were delicious!!

In the clog room, a maker showed us how he makes clogs.  It takes many years to develop the skill.  He was breezing it.  I love how the wood shaves off.

contiki clog making

Clog in the making

Clog shopping time!

contiki clog shop

Clogs everywhere!

contiki clog shop

I’m in a massive clog!

Bike tour around Amsterdam

Bike riding in Amsterdam is really fun and easy because the roads are super flat!  I don’t think I broke a single sweat after 30mins of riding.  The scariest part was breaking.  There’s not handle breaks.  Instead you need to back pedal to break…. the bike I had was wobbly..

contiki amsterdamn canals


contiki amsterdamn canals

contiki amsterdamn bike ride

Bike riding

contiki holland windmill in Edam

Windmill in Edam

We also took a group shot by the windmill.

contiki amsterdamn contiki amsterdamn contiki amsterdamn

Red light district of Amsterdam was very interesting.  Our tour manager took all 50 of us into a small house of prostitutes just to have a look at them posing at the windows.  Instead we got cursed at because obviously we were only there to look.  But it was fun.  I was afraid to look at the girls in the eyes because I did felt a bit rude just looking at them as tourist attractions.

I think what they have is a wonderful thing.  There’s girls for just about anyone.  They have a skinny girl section, fat girls and so on.  It didn’t feel that seedy or dirty.  It was just business.

contiki amsterdam women breast on floor

Women’s breast on floor

Amsterdam as the last destination is probably best for those who want bought a bit too much and want to send it home as it is the cheapest to do so here.