Day 15 Munich To Swiss Alps (Liechtenstein)

Continued from Day 14.4  Barvarian Beer Hall (Munchner Haupt)

Contiki European Experience – Day 15 of 20

I really wished we stayed at Munich a bit longer so I could explore it more but a tour is a tour.  As we set off, I was really surprised we were going to stop by Liechtenstein (even though I’ve seen the itinerary.. like it or not, I got lazy..).

At this point of the trip, a lot of people became sick..


It’s a very small landlocked country with not much to do really.  We visited the capital city, Vaduz, for a lunch break.

contiki liechtenstein

Houses in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Optional Tourist Passport Stamp

At Vaduz, you can pay for a tourist passport stamp (cost 2.50 euros) from the small tourist office nearby the public toilets.  It’s probably one of the prettiest stamp you’ll have in your passport.  I love it, however, you should always be extra careful what stamps goes into your passport.  Some countries won’t allow you entry if you have certain stamps they dislike or that are unauthorised. I got stalled at an Israeli Airport because of this stamp but was let off the hook after 15 minutes of questioning and awkwardness.

Liechtenstein tourist passport stamp

My Liechtenstein Passport Stamp (2.50 euros)

contiki liechtenstein

Miniature castle

contiki liechtenstein

The actual castle

Vitamin C:  The secret to avoiding sickness?

Going on tour can be stressful to you body and your immune system.  Travelling with 50 other people on a coach everyday doesn’t help either.  Along with half the coach, I became sick unfortunately and my tour guide suggested to get some vitamin C.  He’s been on so many tours he hardly ever get sick. I believed him and I didn’t want to get worst so I bought a packed of vitamin C.  Not to be immature about it but I had to show you guys because it was called “Retard” haha.

Redoxon Retard

My vitamin C called Retard?

Overall, did it work?  I honestly don’t know.  I couldn’t tell.  Someone told me you’ll notice it if you took it at the beginning of the trip, maybe by this point I could’ve prevented catching what everyone’s got – which was a bit of cough and low stamina.

contiki swiss alps

Passing by yet another marvellous view

Lucerne, Switzerland

I always get confused with Sweden and Switzerland!  I don’t know why but Switzerland was definitely on my bucket list as I was told it was one of the most beautiful countries.  So true.

The beauty was one thing, but shopping was another and on my mind because I love SWISS KNIVES!!  Swiss knives galore here!  Switzerland isn’t cheap but if you like brand watches, you’re also at the right place.

contiki swiss alps

contiki swiss alps

Lucerne’s cute city and shopping

Swiss Knives anyone?

Ah yes, it’s shopping before exploring for me.  The shop we went displayed a variety of wonderful Swiss Knives and watches.  I think Swiss Knives makes a great gift but I hate to say they are expensive.. however that didn’t stop me from buying 6 of them for my family.  I can not recall the prices but it was definitely cheaper to buy here than back home.  So stock up :-D!

Swiss knife manicure set

Proud owner of a Swiss Manicure Set (keyring not included)

Broke now but the scenery is free 🙂

A short walk from the shop is the beautiful Reuss River and Chapel Bridge.

contiki swiss Lucerne

contiki swiss lucerne swan

Spotted a swan in the river

contiki swiss lucerne chapel bridge Kapellbrücke

Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke)

contiki swiss lucerne Reuss River

The Reuss River

contiki swiss lucerne Chapel Bridge Kapellbrücke

In the Chapel Bridge, restored interior paintings

contiki swiss alps lucerne contiki swiss alps lucerne

contiki swiss alps lucerne Löwendenkmal Dying Lion

The Lion Monument (Löwendenkmal)

Off to Lauterbrunnen

The scenery is really beautiful as we drive through the Alps with the green grass in the foreground and the white snow covered mountains at the back.  It was amazing.

contiki swiss alps contiki swiss alps

contiki swiss alps

Beautiful lake on the way

Contiki’s Swiss Chalet

Out of all accommodation we stayed at, this was my favourite.  We lived in a quiet town of Lauterbrunnen surrounded by fresh air, the sound of nature and flowing river, and most of all, the best view we could ever ask for of the alps – Jungfrau Mountain.  Tap water here is fresh spring water.  Tasty!

contiki swiss alps

Kim and our bedroom

contiki swiss alps

Making ourselves at home yet again 😉

contiki swiss alps Jungfrau Mountain

Our beautiful view of Jungfrau Mountain from our bedroom

While looking at the view, I thought to myself, “I could retire here”.

Let me know in the comments below,Where would you like to retire and why?



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