If It Really Was The End Of The World.. How Did I Do?

I know this is late and the world didn’t end but it got me thinking, “What if it was the end of the world?  Did I live the life I wanted?”.

So did I?  Well let’s take a look..

What did I want in life?

I only ever wish for a happy life and that could be anything.  I love surprises but travel was definitely one of the biggest part of my happiness and fulfilment.  I’m an explorer and I need to experience things to understand it.  Travelling is the best way to open my eyes, to understand the world we live in and to make the most of it.  I’m a big believer in destiny with a bit of a nudge if you know what I mean!  You have to make it happen for yourself.  Whatever it takes.  It’s your life, live it like you mean it!

“Yeah, you say that but it never happens,” you say.

I used to think like that too.  It’s impossible I thought!  I felt pressure to please my family, friends and society.  I should be working full-time, working towards a home and be “stable”.  What does that even mean?

All I knew was school, work, house & car, marriage & family.  Sounds familiar?

School (Done)

Although school is done for me, there is still lots to learn outside from school.  I learn more from my travels than at school!

My Graduation

My Graduation

Work (way to make money)

At 24, I’m very fortunate I haven’t worked for someone in almost 2 years and making reasonable amount of money from my mobile app business with my fiance.  It is our main source of income funding our travels.  It’s not as much as we used to make but it allows us to be together 24/7 and have a lot of time.  This work is very profitable, mobile and very flexible.

Last day at work

My last day at work as Receptionist

House & Car (Was done)

I didn’t have a car but I had a scooter.  Absolutely loved it, gave me the independence I craved.  I had a mortgage for a few years.. lowed my quality of life.  Thought I wanted to grow up quick, bad idea. Not ready, got really depressed.  Selling it was the best feeling ever!!  Not sure if I ever want to be tied down like that again.  Don’t let your assets own you I’d say!

My scooter days

My scooter days ❤

Marriage & Family (on it’s way)

Engaged to a wonderful man.  Don’t plan on family until much later.

I see this list as just a part of my early life which has made me who I am today – I don’t want to study at a school unless I want to, the world is a teacher of its own.  I’m never going to work in an office again.  Never going to get a mortgage while young.  I want to be freeeeee!

Engagement in London

At our engagement party in London

So am I “stable”?

I don’t know what that mean and I’m not so sure if that matters.  I mean does anyone care if I have a house? a nice car or a fancy job?  In reality.. nobody cares but yourself.  Honestly, I know I’m not good at any of them (being successful, rich and all) and it didn’t make me happy.  Success means a lot of different things to different people.  What does success mean to you?

Success means happiness to me.

If people can see my happiness as my success, that’s great 🙂

Personally I used to always feel guilt for wanting the life I wanted.  I thought, people would think I’m selfish.  I always tried to please people but I wasn’t happy.  I learnt (and still learning) you can’t please people completely because you’ll go in circles!  So what’s the point when there is no end?  So the best I can do is doing what I love.  (Sacrifice for your happiness is another story!!).

You know what? Let’s scrap this mumbo-jumbo and keep it simple. 

All I want in life is to live happily ever after and travel and I did.

So if the world did end, I’m happy to concluded that I did live the life I wanted and would’ve died a happy person.  And I hope you did too. 🙂

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you live your life full with love, happiness and fulfilment!