Day 3 Paris To Beaujolais Wine Region

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Contiki European Experience – Day 3 of 20

If you want to visit the galleries in the Louvre, you should do it on day 2 because here we had only 50 minutes to do it.  It will take you about half that time to get a ticket (see the queue) and then not much time left to visit the endless artworks!  If you don’t want to pay and see the museum (9 euros I think), there are cafes, McDonalds and shops.  Don’t forget to go to the loo because there’s probably a queue (ladies especially!).

contiki paris louvre

The Louvre

contiki paris The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

contiki paris louvre

Inside the louvre people are queuing up to buy ticket to see the museum.

Unfortunately I can’t say much about the Louvre but I’m sure it’s impressive.  My sister went and she said you’ll need a day or two!  It’s that big! (Oh, my sister said the Mono Lisa is small, too many people looking at it and you’re probably looking at a fake anyways..).

Afterwards, we headed southbound and visited a massive 12th century chateau.  It is extremely big!  I love the staircase and the huge backyard!

contiki 12th century chateau fontainebleau

12th Century Chateau Fontainebleau

contiki 12th century chateau fontainebleau

12th Century Chateau Fontainebleau courtyard

contiki 12th century chateau fontainebleau

12th Century Chateau Fontainebleau courtyard

contiki 12th century chateau fontainebleau

contiki 12th century chateau fontainebleau

Another chateau can be seen from the large backyard.

contiki 12th century chateau fontainebleau

Further behind the Chateau is a huge park with a fountain. Very royal indeed!

You’ll be delighted to know Contiki have their own chateau which we stayed at.  I was really glad we were leaving Paris.  I didn’t enjoy it fully as I was semi-sick and the hotel we stayed at (etap hotel) had awfully rude staff, there is no air-con and you can’t open the windows.   Also, I don’t recall they have an elevator and I remember everyone struggling with their luggages down the stairs.  I highly recommend you invest in a travel backpack (medium size)!  Because this won’t be the only time.  The chateau also doesn’t have an elevator.  Another problem we had with the hotel was their breakfast service some people missed out because the queue was so long and we didn’t have time to wait!

Beaujolais Wine Region

This region was very different from Paris as it’s a countryside of France.  We learnt about French wine and enjoyed a glass or two.  We didn’t do much but relax and then at night in the chateau basement – we partied (it was gender-blender night so boys wear girls clothes and vice verser).

contiki beaujolais wine region

Learning about wine making and tasting

contiki beaujolais wine region gender blender night

Gender-blender night

I didn’t really participate as I was only there to take photos then retreat to my bed.  Every night (literally) there would be some night event.  I just did not have the stamina like some of my fellow travellers (it was also a financial factor as well).  It really amazes me how some of their body can cope!  I’m so hopeless haha.  Truth is you don’t have to join in but everyone was having a good time every night.  Call me boring but I love to sleep. 🙂


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