Day 1 London to Paris

People would want to know what’s it like to travel with Contiki wouldn’t they?

I mean I noticed a lot of people visiting my blog for Contiki tours..well Contiki sex and hook ups to be specific.  I know this because WordPress tells me what people search for (be very afraid!)..

So let me answer your question..  what happens on Contiki stays with Contiki…..

..but I’m happy to share with you the travel side of it!

(To be honest, my Contiki adventures is almost 2 years old and so I’m trying to documented them all before the end of this year. :-S )

Contiki European Experience – Day 1 of 20 

I never in my life thought that I would ever join a Contiki tour but I couldn’t resist their affordable prices and stress-free overview of Europe.  Started off in London we took a ferry to France.  Making friends is easy on day 1.  Everyone is either by themselves or a small group already and is keen to know everyone – 50 people that is..

contiki europe paris

On the ferry to Paris

Ferry trip was fairly pleasant.  There was a small gaming room and I won small amounts of money from the virtual roulette machine! hehehehehhehe.

contiki europe paris

Our coach holds about 51 passengers! That’s a lot of people.

Our coach was big and very clean.  Seats aren’t assigned but with a full bus like this my only concern was if one person got sick, eventually we all get sick.  There’s lots to see in Europe so sleeping on the coach wasn’t an option.

contiki europe paris

Passing fields of yellow flowers

When we finally arrive in Paris, it’s very surreal.  I’m hitting myself thinking , “Wow I’m in Paris – the world’s most romantic city.”  We passed a lot of iconic structures and buildings so everyone whips out their cameras.

contiki europe paris

On the coach you just want to take a photo of everything!!

Unfortunately there are many  obstacles in the way.  After many experiences, I later worked out the best spot to sit is in the middle opposite to the second exit as mentioned in my post “Best photo opportunity on a bus tour tips”.  Muahahahahaha >:-D

contiki europe paris

Managed to get some good shots!

contiki europe paris

Opera House

contiki europe paris

Passing by The Louvre Museum

I think a camera with good shutter speed would help a lot but whatever. Who cares because we’re hungry now and since we’re in Paris we want something fancy and expensive!!  So we go to Parisian Cafe to try a special dish they say…

contiki europe paris Parisian Cafe

Champagne and bread not a bad start..

contiki europe paris escargot

Oh… Escargot! You know?… snails………. yummy……

So the special dish happens to be escargot!  Since I’m Chinese, I eat anything so it’s cool.  I enjoyed watching people eat it more than eating it though.  I don’t mind the taste.  It wasn’t that special and I have no idea how to describe the taste as I’m not sure if I could even taste anything…..  You could say it’s like a tiny squid in your mouth?

contiki europe paris escargot

Here goes…… :-S

After that we hopped on the coach again to see the Eiffel Tower.

contiki europe paris

Random Paris shot

contiki europe paris eiffel

Eiffel Tower by day

contiki europe paris

Eiffel Tower by night (don’t know if you can see but there’s like a light beaming from the top)

The Eiffel Tower is beautiful during day at night.  I think it’s nice aesthetically where it’s located because most of the buildings you see in Paris is not skinny and tall. It’s wide and low so the Eiffel Tower stands out with hardly any other structure competing with it.

I really wished I could enjoy the Eiffel Tower more but I really didn’t like how many people were hassling us to buy stuff (they speak good English though!).

On a side note, if you’re brave enough you can go to the top of the tower (you’ll have time for that on your free day tomorrow).

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