Hakka Roots – part 2

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September 25th, 2012

Dear Diary,

I got up early to explore the house a bit.  I had a good sleep although the bed is hard, we had the fan on all night and Eric got a bit bored without internet.

Too early for Eric to get up..

hakka dabu china

The view from my bedroom window. Still a lot of old houses remains and rice fields.

The bathroom with hot water. This is the only western toilet in the house but it doesn’t flush. You need to manually pour water into the bowl. They still bath with the buckets despite having a proper shower there.. I don’t get that :-/

Very small washing machine.

It’s quite a big the house.

hakka dabu china

I drank tea while looking out the window. It’s very pleasant.

Next to me was a photo frame.

A photo frame of my relatives. I’m somewhere in there 🙂

This is my great grandmother.

This is my grandmother’s wedding in Vietnam back in 1950’s.

My grandparents and my uncles.

My uncles and aunt.

Gosh, I love old photos.. they are like treasure! Anyway, got hungry and went downstairs for breakfast and was given a peanut flavoured milk and soup noodle.

Chinese Peanut Milk

Hmmm peanut flavoured milk was surprisingly yummy!

Homemade chinese breakfast hakka dabu china

Home cooked breakfast, it was yummy ^_^

Uncle then came and took us to XiYan Tea Mountain.  Nothing really special there besides lots of tea, new old style buildings and a giant tea pot.  A little bit of sight-seeing wouldn’t hurt I guess.

hakka dabu china

I love how there’s chickens everywhere!

hakka dabu china

Passing by another old house

On the way to the Tea Mountain, my mother pointed out in the mountains these statue-like things.  She told me they were graves and that my great grandma is in one of them somewhere..  I think it’s amazing people bother climbing up mountains to bury someone.  Recently, the government banned it.  So now everyone have to be cremated to save land space..

hakka dabu china graves

Three graves up in the mountains.

After the short trip to tea mountain we had lunch.

hakka dabu china

Hakka food is so so good! I like the cooked sweet potato leaves!

I know I will miss food here because everyday we have banquets.  So awesome..

Afterwards auntie took my mum and I to Wuhushan Provincial Forest Park.  Again, nothing special just another sight-seeing place.

You know, the best part of the day was actually going to the hairdressers for only a hair wash!!  Everyone have to do it someday in China!  It only cost me i think 15 RMB (approx. 2.40 USD) for like a 15-20 min head massage and wash while you are sitting upright!! It was so comfortable, they also massaged my neck, back, arms and hands.. it was amazing…..

Later that night we went to the salon and got a whole body massage.  Most awkward experience I’ve ever had.  My mother and I got some VIP package (over 200 RMB I think..) where we would bath in herbal water, facial and a full body massage with hot steam under our belly (supposedly good for our digestion..).   I would be butt naked and a woman would come and rub exfoliating bath gel all over my back then she will disappear and I do the rest. After I showered, I’d then wear disposable panties and dip my body in hot herbal water.  She would then scrub all the excess dead skin.  I did not enjoy sitting in hot water.. It was boring and not relaxing..  So I asked to get out early and skip to massage.  Massage was painful because I have very tense muscles and the steam under my belly was weird..  I would then lie on my back and she’ll massage my tummy.  I never ever had that before..  Then I got a facial and done! Took almost 2 hours I think!  I’d say, after all that.. I much prefer the hairdressers!

To be continued.. here in Hakka Roots part 3..