Window of the World

Do you want to see the world in a day?  China’s got that covered in Shenzhen Window of the World!

My god I’m so glad I went!  Window of the World is a massive theme park with replica of worldly wonders!  It’s a massive sight seeing place that has rides, indoor skiing and ice skating, rides, monorails, food, and much more! ^_^  You can also dress up in different ethnic traditional clothes and take photos 🙂

I spent only 2 hours there but I missed a few things because it was a really hot day.. but I still think I’ve seen enough and hopefully see the real thing someday!  Also, you can hire scooters to get around.

I don’t think there’s much to say than show you photos..  I think it might be boring for children.  But I still recommend you visit 🙂

I think it would be a great place for people to have their pre-wedding shots here or even a wedding!.. hmmm

How to get there: easiest way is take the metro to Window of the World 🙂

Cost: Adults 160 RMB but can be 50 RMB if you go late at night (I think from 8pm onwards).