Jiangnan Dadao (Wedding Dress Street)

As you all know I’m getting married next year and I refuse to buy an expensive wedding dress because I’m cheap.. and a budget traveller…

In Australia, I was looking around 1000 AUD for a simple dress and was thinking.. do I need to spend that much on a dress for just 1 day?  Thought about it for a while… but it just kills me how much wedding can cost nowadays and how commercialised it is!  But when you seek you shall find!  Good quality affordable dresses do exist!!

My mother asked around and everyone told her, “Go to Guangzhou for wedding dresses!”.  And so I did and found Jiangnan Avenue North (江南大道北).  This whole street is wedding paradise!  You can find all your wedding needs!  I’m talking about wedding gowns, evening gowns, cocktail, accessories, make-up, grooms wear, children wear, wedding decoration, shoes, bedsheets and traditional Chinese wedding dress.

There are so many competition, it’s easy to find a bargin.  Average dress range from 600 – 3000 RMB! I bought my dress for 780 RMB (approx. 118.17 AUD).  Of course there was haggling involved.  It is possible to get a dress in 1 day but best to give a month if you need big adjustment or custom-made dresses (push them or pay them more and they’ll surely get your dress delivered to you asap!).

Language barriers exist so I suggest bringing photos of dresses or bring a Chinese speaking person.  Some stores can speak English such as Knightly.

I made my fiance take photos because he’s not Chinese and he’ll look more like a tourist than me! haha.


How to get there:

  • Subway – The 2nd Workers’ Cultural Palace (Line 2)
  • Buses – Take buses that stops at 江南大道北路 (Jiangnan dadao bei lu)

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8 responses to “Jiangnan Dadao (Wedding Dress Street)

    • I found most dresses around 2000 – 4000 RMB.
      If you want to find 600 – 1000 RMB you really need to seek and bargin hard! There are shops in the alleyways and usually sell much cheaper dress. All dress there are very good quality and beautiful.

      There’s too many to go through so fastest way is to know what you want.

      Good luck!

  1. Wow i would be gobsmacked with the array of dresses. Did u think it was worth it buying from there after flights and accommodation cost? Is it generally the larger stores that speak english and can you bargain in them? Also when the dress was ready did they post to Australia or did somrone have to pick it up? Thanks

    • Hi Michelle,

      I thought it was worth buying there as I was already travelling and have family in Guangzhou (but we stayed at a cheap apartment). Reason is because they have a lot of range within my budget and right next door from each other. High competition too so you can expect a nice bargin.

      I don’t think it’s worth the flight and accommodation cost (such as return airfare over 1000 USD) if you only want to buy 1 dress. If you want to buy a lot more dresses, or a really really expensive dress (which will be much much cheaper in China) I think it’s worth it. The quality is good and most of Asia buy wholesale dresses in Guangzhou anyway.

      There’s no really larger stores but there are Hong Kong stores such as Knightly who can speak English. I think no English is not a problem when it comes to bargaining. They’ll have a calculator and you just punch in your price. As for how many days you can pick up, show them a calendar and obvious gestures.

      You can ask them to ship your country but China delivers so fast you usually can pick it up in a day or 2 weeks. (1 month if big alteration like a larger size). Also, picking it up yourself will give you peace of mind.

      If you plan to buy a dress there, I suggest you bring a picture of a dress you like to narrow down your search because there is way too many dresses to look at!

      Good luck!


  2. Hello nice to see this. Which shop was the best shops with good quality and do you have to pay to try on the dresses and are they usually new ones or old ones?

    thx thx

    • Hi Angela,

      They are surprisingly good quality regardless of price. I find more morden designs are sold on the main street and old designs sold in the alleyways. The Alleyway, have many good dresses for evening gowns/bridesmaids dress and costumes (good for photo studio).

      You don’t pay to try on a dress. Most dresses to try on is size 10 and smaller (australian size).

      You might find some of the dresses from this street on alibaba.com.

      I hope that help and good luck!

      • Thanks for the reply. Which shops did u think was the best though and is the street very looooong? I need to look for wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and favours n mayb decor. How many days did u take? Planning a wedding is so hectic…

  3. I can’t recall names of shops but I remember the best ones are easy to spot all along jiangnan dadao street based on display and lot of customers in the shop. The street is a good walkable length maybe 20 min walk to the end. You won’t notice the walk as there’s so much to see. It took me one day to find the dress I want but I think at least 3 days is good to look at all of the items you’re looking for (get a friend to help you out.. you’ll be overwhelmed by choices). You can pretty much find everything you need including decors.

    I honestly hate wedding planning so fastest way is to know what you want and ask around.

    Sorry if I didn’t really answer your question but I don’t think I can help much but I guarantee you, you’ll find something there and they are all good quality at bargain prices.

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