Hotels vs Apartments in Shenzhen

When I went to Shenzhen, I had trouble looking for a hostel/guesthouse in a good location so I resorted to budget hotels (around 198 RMB).  I don’t mind staying in hotels but for a few weeks.. hotels doesn’t cut it for me.

This is because:

  • I don’t like house keeping because I sleep-in a lot – Some people do not understand “Do Not Disturb”..
  • Usually noisy guest in the hallway
  • Limited facilities
  • Not much desk space
  • Fridge is non-existant or small
  • Have to go out to eat everyday

Shenzhen isn’t the cheapest place to be finding a good hotel at the location I was after (around Luohu District near the boarder of HK) within my budget is tough!  Hotels within my budget (200 RMB = 30 USD.. yes, I can be stingy but hey I still manage to find something!) love to take out many unnecessary light bulbs and make the room only just lit enough to see around the room including hallways.. (it can get pretty dark and scary….).  Mind you, I always try to find the best for my budget and do all my research online and by foot.  With encouraging words from my honey bunny, I am not going to give up finding a nice place to stay with my very small budget because money works in China!!

So I decided to look for service apartments instead and give it ago!  I found 3 service apartments in Luohu and Futian district.  All cost similar to the budget hotel we stayed at but you get a lot more for your money (From 180 – 288 RMB per night).

We got:

  • Fully furnished apartment
  • 24/7 security
  • Kitchen and facilities
  • Washing machine
  • Balcony
  • Microwave
  • Plasma TVs
  • Wifi and LAN Internet
  • House keeping on request!!

Oh and great location!  You really need to search hard to find a good deal (and speak Chinese if you can!)!!   Mind you I travel with a significant other so it may not be within budget for solo travellers!  Here’s some lovely photos at some of the Shenzhen service apartments I stayed at!

As you can see in the photos, we have been to some really nice serviced apartments within our budget (around 200 RMB) but bumping it just a bit can make a huge difference in quality!  (Mind you the really nice apartment was way over our budget more but we haggled very very well and got a really really good price! 😉 )

I think what I love most about staying in service apartments is.. the privacy and able to do my own cooking and laundry!!  Feels like home and when you step out, feels like a holiday (in a foreign country)!

The bad side of staying in serviced apartments there are somethings you need to buy for yourself such as toilet paper, cooking utensil (can rent), laundry detergent etc.  Most provide them at your initial stay but for longer term, it’s probably better you take care of it yourself.  No biggie though!

If you want to find more about places I’ve stayed at, please feel free to look at my TripAdviser reviews here.

TIP #1: There are always better options out there, don’t give up and keep looking!

TIP #2: Always try haggling if you’re staying for a bit longer.  You’ll never know what a bargin you can get!


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