Travelling brings me closer to my family

I remember talking to my twin sister before I left to South East Asia and she said to me that she feels I’m running away from my family.  At first it may seem like that but actually I’m starting to see it in another perspective.  I’m re-connecting my family with our extended family from my travels. When you enter a country you have family in, it is a must that you go visit them.  Otherwise, it’s considered rude! I have family in America, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong that I know of so far.

My family like every other family have a great deal of history.  I’ve heard many versions why they left China and why there are in other countries now.  It’s a very moving story as my family either had no money and search for a better life or had money but was taken all away during the war and had to start from scratch.

I really admire and appreciate what my family has done in the past for me to have a fortunate life.

Most of the older generations of my family were entrepreneur and labourers.

I’ve met only 1 of 4 families I have in America, only 1 in China (but will see more later this year), and seen almost all of them in Hong Kong and the rest in Australia.

I hope to see them all (if possible) and learn more about my roots.

Maybe you could try that, travelling to find your roots!  It’s a small world after all.