Moulin Rose Cabaret Show (Ladyboys from Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket)

If you guys ever go to Phuket and want to see some Ladyboy cabaret show.. I highly recommend Moulin Rose Cabaret Show on Bangla Road.  It’s cheaper than Simon’s Cabaret Phuket and Aphrodite Cabaret.  I’ve never seen the other two but I’ve read their reviews online and most of it aren’t good.  They are both more expensive and I think quite formal compared to Moulin Rose.

For only 250 baht including one drink Moulin Rose is an awesome affordable 1 hour show. Just walk in and pay (it’s located at the end of Soi Crocodile).  If you’re a guy and sitting in the aisle, you might get kissed on the head, a bit of dancing infront of you or.. rubbing their bare chest in your face!! IT HAPPENS!! TRUST ME!! Happened to my fiance right infront of my face! It was hilarious! 

At the end you can take pictures with them and watch your money goooooo (usual rate is 100 baht but if they show their breasts and let you touch them in the photo, prepare to pay more!).  The ladyboys are absolutely wonderful and happy bunch!  I must admit that night I was very generous with my money and probably gave away   about 1300 baht because the show was affordable compared to Simon’s and Aphrodite that the money I saved was worth spending it on the ladyboys.

Be warned they will SWAM at you to take photos and aren’t afraid to grab you hands to touch their “silicon” haha.  I touched one for the first time >.<!  They made me!! Oh they really grope men by the way.. just a warning!!……..

Anyway I’ll let the videos do the talking.  Enjoy!  Again I highly highly recommend seeing Moulin Rose Cabaret Show at Bangla Road.
Moulin Rose flyer

Moulin Rose Flyer

I'm not even sure myself if they are were men or not..

I’m not even sure myself if they are were men or not..

The groper!!

The groper!!