Israeli Airport Security

Before going to Israel Eric told me all these scary things about Israeli security.  He said that it’s very hard to get out of Israel, they ask a lot of questions and that they might not let me in because of the stamps I have in my passport.  Although he may be right, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Unless you’re a terrorist!  Be very afraid.. >:-(

He was there for work and I was there on holiday.  We were very prepared incase anything happened.  We brought documentation of our accommodation, itinerary and other related documents.

I found going into the country very easy and quick but going out was a longer procedure.

Israeli’s in general are very nice people.  They are only doing their job and they look good in those uniforms.  If you like that, Israel’s full of young army boys and girls.  They are all very attractive 😉

Thankfully, I had no trouble getting out of Israel.  I was a bit worried because I have travelled to the UAE and Malaysia.  They are not a fan of muslim countries.

When arriving at an Israeli Airport, you need to be there at least 3 hours prior departure.  Remember, not 2 hours!  This is so they can do through security check before checking in.

Eric was in security for 45min!!  He requested not to have a stamp in his passport incase for future businesses with other countries.

Yes you can request not to get it stamped there (don’t forget to ask them to stamp it on a separate piece of paper to keep in your passport).  When you enter the country they do let you know they are ‘going’ to stamp in your passport.   The choice is yours but it’s more trouble for you if you don’t and also for VAT reasons (Get the stamp at your own risk. It’s nice to collect stamps though.. ).

Once you have an Israeli stamp/visa in your passport, there are some countries that might refuse your entry into their country.

Do your research.  Ask your travel agent. Or get a new passport 😀

I’m no expert at this topic but here are a few links I’ve found for your convenience: