Old Airport Road Hawker Center, Singapore

When we first started our SE Asia trip we landed an in Singapore and the first with we did was it the hawker center with our Singaporean friends!

Unfortunately I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted because it was so crowded.  But a MUST buy there is the soya bean curd!  You can’t miss it.  There’s a long que for it.  Don’t worry!  They have fast service!

I find the hawker centers in Singapore they mostly speak Chinese.  I only speak Cantonese and basic Mandarin, majority in Singapore speaks Mandarin.  You can say I did struggle to order food.. I was so surprised some could not speak English at all.  Singapore official language is English after all..

Tables get filled up very quick so you know this hawker center is a must-go-to in Singapore.  The only thing is it might be overwhelming how many food stores there are.  I had trouble just finding what to eat!

But here’s a tip:  Look for long queues!  You’ll know for sure it’s good and what the locals are getting!!

Anyway enjoy 🙂



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