My first fish spa experience

I remember when I was in Camden Town in London, there was a fish spa in a big warehouse of other little shops.  It was many small fish tanks with a few fishes in it. I really wanted to try it but I wasn’t willing to pay (if I recall correctly) 20 quid.. so I gave it a pass.  Now that I’m in SE Asia, it’s kind of impossible to get away from Fish Spas.  Especially considering the prices! Wow! It’s from around 2USD for 10 min.

I have read on forums that people are scared to try fish spa because:

  • It’s dirty
  • You can catch HIV/AIDS from them
  • Some places you don’t wash your feet before you go

Yes it can be dirty (some places, especially the really cheap ones), but there’s so many options out there.  The expensive ones provide better hygiene.  The choice is yours.

About HIV/AIDS?? I’m not so sure, but I was told the fishes actually don’t have teeth and all they do is suck.. Also I’ve never heard of such cases, so I’m going to assume there is very low chance of getting HIV/AIDS from these fish spas.  If you don’t feel safe, than don’t do it.  Your health should always be put first.

But for everyone else, I recommend it!  I probably won’t do it again because I don’t find anything special about it but as a first-timer it’s a fun experience 🙂

My first Fish Spa experience – SMALL Fish version (Video)

I went to a cheap one at Central Market in Kuala Lumpur, I paid and dunked my feet in and WOW it was a weird feeling!  I was scared at first because I kept thinking they were like piranhas but they are not!  It’s very very ticklish!!  Check out the video below for the bigger fish experience!

Eric’s first Fish Spa experience – BIG Fish version (Video)