Melaka is small but pretty fun!

When we planned to go to Malaysia, Eric suggested we go to Melaka.  I asked why and he replied because it looks nice.  I doubt it at first and thought whatever, it’s on the way to KL anyway and didn’t expect much of it. So I only allowed 1 whole day at Melaka.. turns out we stayed a bit longer because we loved it so damn much!

Before the trip

I knew not much about Melaka.  So I asked around and here are the things I was told:

  • You have to try their Chicken Rice Balls (Melaka local dish)
  • Nice small town and friendly people
  • Great food
  • Jonker Street
  • Historical

It didn’t sound extraordinary but I was happy to go where ever.

3 Days of Melaka

From Singapore we took the Starmart bus to Melaka (S$20). It’s a very good and direct and express bus.  Only stops to go toilet (only if you ask) and not for food so don’t forget to buys some snacks!

The bus made it to Melaka Sentral where we ate Mc Donald’s and bought a Hotlink sim card with data.  My fiancé was so surprised how cheap everything was! Mc Donald’s was pretty good and so cheap (unlike Australia..)! From Melaka Sentral to the main town it takes about 20mins drive.  It costs 1RM for a local bus and about 15-20RM for taxi.  Prices are fix for taxi but you can haggle.  They don’t like using meters when they should be.

I was pretty tired so I chose to take the taxi.  It’s still relatively cheap and probably more reliable than the bus.  I was told Malaysians are not the most punctual people.

I’ve been to Malaysia before in 2007 and from my memory it was kinda dirty and rough. Melaka is not like that at all. My first impression was it’s clean and quiet. After we dropped our stuff we took a nap.  By the time we got up it was almost dinner time and I had no idea where to go, as I haven’t even stepped out of our Hostel yet!!  So I decided to log onto couchsurfing and had a look what was happening in Melaka.  To my luck, someone had posted dinner plans and I was quick to respond.  Next thing I know, I was meeting with many people from around the world and a local and learnt what to do in Melaka and all sorts of travel stories!  Read about “My first CS meeting” here!

Day two was supposed to be our only full day in Melaka and tried to make the most of it. I love how everything is at working distance!

We liked Melaka so much we stayed an extra day!  I was so happy because I wanted to visit the Nyonya House and explore the rest of Chinatown.  We also extended because we wanted to go back to Singapore for the Windows 8 Developer Camp.