Madrid continued..

This is a continuation of My first trip to Spain – Madrid & Sandeman’s FREE walking tour.

So now that I’ve seen a bit of Madrid, so far so good but I’m homeless. So my friend Beau calls one of his contacts and booked Hostel ONE Madrid for me. He tells me it’s good!  Great! Where is it? …Omg I spent an hour looking for it.. the biggest clue was it’s opposite to ZARA. So I go to that street and walk back and forth around Zara looking for the hostel.  I expected some kind of a sign saying ‘Hostel ONE’……. I had the address but I can’t find any numbers!  You know what?… It’s a brown door with buzzers next to it with a small label stuck to it labeled ‘Hostel one’. So we buzzed it.. and spoke to the receptionist through the intercom.  You couldn’t believe our relief when we found it! BUT.. that good feeling disappeared when I had to walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor! I wished I had a backpack then..

When I got there, I had a greeting and a tour.  It was a small apartment and it was cramp but not too bad.  The beds were clean and nice, I had a view and they have computers with free internet for travellers to use.  Showers was so-so, not the cleanest but I like the fact that for a small fee, they’ll do your laundry and fold it for you then place it on your bed (unfortunately that didn’t happen to me.. I found my clothes left in the dryer and helped myself when everyone went home).

Hostel ONE Madrid window view

View from my room, can you see ZARA?

My only only issue with the room I had was the annoying flute guy outside on the streets.. I don’t mind him playing tunes for money.. but when I’m taking a siesta, what drove my roommates and myself crazy was that he was playing the same boring tune over and over again for hours!  I couldn’t stand it.  And at night, there are crowd noise so I found it quite hard to sleep.

The next day I was moved to another room, but with a man (my fault because of last minute booking my previous room was fully booked already).  It was fine with me and the man turned out to be the man I talked with all night the night before.  This room was a 2 pax only room and no window to the outside.  It was very hot and stuffy.

The next day I work up around midday and so did my roommate.  We decided to explore together.. (good thing we did because he spoke Spanish! It’s hard to get around with the language barrier!!). The plan was to go see some Art Galleries.  Great thing to do when you’re in Spain.

Real Jardin Botanico

Real Jardin Botanico is Madrid's botanical gardens. Honestly, I was not impressed because a lot of the flowers weren't bloomed and it seemed a little empty..


But the tulips were and my friend taught me how to use my Aperture settings on my camera 🙂

Sight-seeing gets really exhausting so we went to the nearest park and took a nap..

but don't nap too long.. because you might miss the chance to see an uber cut squirrel!

Reina Sofia

Reina Sofia national gallery. The only cool thing I remember about this gallery is if you go to the top level you get to go out onto a large balcony and get some cool breeze and a view from the top! (not that impressive though).

dOn our way to the next museum, walking on a very very crowded pedestrian crossing, I was VERY VERY close to getting pick pocketed!  Be very careful in Spain.  A friend of a friend of mine got mugged in Barcelona and I got my whole backpacked opened within seconds!  Lucky I turned around quickly, to catch the two young girls behind it and stared them off!  Nothing got stolen but if I had turned a few more seconds later, my wallet and passport would’ve been gone!


Next gallery that I've forgotten the name of... Doh! I think by this time, I'm all "museumed" out and couldn't care less......

We didn't finish looking at the museum but we went outside and sat on the grass area and a bird pooped on me! I'm telling you, Madrid really dislikes me!

I wasn’t happy but on our way back to the hostel, there was a good show on which made me forget about everything.

A great performance to end the day.. ahhhh 🙂