Meeting a penpal in Cyprus

Cyprus would have never been on my list if it wasn’t for my long time Italian pen pal Linda.  We met around the age of 14 years on the internet (10 years ago).  I had a Final Fantasy fan site and she had one too.  One day she emailed me that she liked my website and would like her website linked with mine and vice versa.  From there we continued emailing each other which then turned to snail mail.

As we grew older, we contacted each other less and less and all I knew was that she had left Italy to be with her lover in Cyprus.

Thanks to social networking, we contacted each other again on Facebook and since I had a lot of spare time in Europe, I thought it’d be wonderful to meet her for the first time!

First photo with my penpal Linda in Protaras

First photo with my penpal Linda in Protaras

She’s now been in Cyprus for over 4 years and can speak Greek and her English is really good.  I asked her why her English is so good.  She said it’s very easy to practise English in Cyprus because everyone can speak it.  I was relieved to hear that.  I think I am very lucky to have Linda as a friend.  She works very early in the mornings until evening (with only an afternoon break) and yet spends a lot of time with me.  She works at her partner’s fruit and vegetable company and knows many people around the area.  She was very kind enough to pay for my accommodation!!  I couldn’t believe it.

My accommodation at Astreas Beach Hotel Apartments

My accommodation at Astreas Beach Hotel Apartments in Protaras. It's got air-conditioning, tv and a kitchen.

View of Fig Tree Beach from the balcony at Astreas Beach Hotel Apartment

View of Fig Tree Beach from the balcony

The accommodation was great.  It’s conveniently nearby the beach, supermarket, restaurants, bars, clubs and souvenir shops on Protara (one way street).   Linda said she booked an apartment for me in Protaras because it’s more peaceful and conservative than Ayia Napa.  She wasn’t sure if I was a party/clubbing person and might not appreciate the craziness of Ayia Napa.

My personal chauffeur

She was also my personal chauffeur!

Exploring the streets at night on Protara

Walking at night doesn’t feel dangerous at all.  There’s always lights and a lot of tourist.  Mostly British.  You’ll can find British food pretty much anywhere even in the supermarkets as well.  There are some pricey restaurants but rest asure there’s also a lot of cheap food and drinks!  For example 2 euro cocktails!!

Boogies Club

Linda told me Boogies Club is pretty good but I didn't go.

Protaras street at night

Protaras street at night

As you can see, it’s not very busy and easy to get around.  Unfortunately I didn’t take as much photo as I had a lot to catch up with Linda.

Fig Tree Beach

Fig Tree Beach

Fig Tree Beach

This beach is just across from where I was staying.  I love how it’s not too crowded and if I can remember correctly to hire a chair is 2 euros and with and umbrella is an extra euro.  I’m not sure, she paid for everything!!

What I love about Cyprus is the beaches.  The water is beautiful and never too cold.  The sand is soft and you can hire seats and umbrellas.  Also there’s a lot of entertainment like water slides and parasailing.

Oh and plenty of topless women..