London FREE Walking Tour – Sandemans New London

First of all, before you begin I suggest you take a look at Sandeman’s New London Free Tour map here.  It is the exact same map I found from my hostel and first London accommodation  Astor Hyde Park.

When I started my European travel last year, London was my first destination because it was the easiest destination to get to from Australia (also English speaking!).  I have never been to Europe before that point and have heard many wonderful stories from friends and family.  I think most people’s concern about going to Europe is how expensive things are there.  Rest asure, although the GBP may be higher than the Aussie currency, living standards there are cheap compared to Melbourne and Sydney!  But I’m here to write about something that’s free and worth your time in London!

Sandeman’s New London – 2.5 hours (April 2011)

You will need:

  • Walking shoes
  • Camera
  • Money (you’ll see)
Go to the toilet first  because it’s a pretty long walk!  The tour guides are not very hard to miss because they all wear a red T-shirt with the company logo.  Advance apology about the dull looking photos.  It was a cold day with slight rain and I haven’t edited the photos.
Wellington Arch London

Meeting point was around Wellington Arch

Buckingham Palace

The Great Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace looks small from where I was standing but its quite in the open and surrounded by tourist.  You don’t get to go up there on the tour.  Surrounding the Palace, the roads are all red.  So whenever you see a red road, that will lead you to the Buckingham Palace.

The Changing of the Guards London

We were lucky enough to see the changing of the guard

This is a small guard changing.  I was told that most of the guards are actually serving the military.  They are very very still and discipline and used to people taking photos of them.  Don’t expect a smile though haha.

Guard House

Me pretending to be a guard!

Message in a bottle at Trafalgar Square

Message in a bottle at Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is probably one of my fave location in London.  I really really like the big glass bottle you see in the photo above.  I was told they change what’s in the bottle once in a while.  Cool!

The National Gallery London

The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square

When I had time, I visited The National Gallery with 2 friends.  Spent 4-6 hours there!  We literately saw everything and it gets very tiring.

London 2012 Olympic countdown

London 2012 Olympic countdown

Horseguards London


Big Ben and Telephone box

Big Ben and Telephone box

Big Ben - The Houses of Parliament

Big Ben - The Houses of Parliament

In the tour you’ll learn that Big Ben was named after a sportsman.  I think a boxer, I can’t seem to remember but this whole building is actually the Houses of Parliament.  It looks dull in the photo but in real life, it’s a very beautiful building.

There’s a lot more places they take you which I haven’t included.  My tour guide was Andrew and he is a really really good tour guide.  He’s very knowledgable and entertaining.  At the end of the tour it is not required but you get to tip the tour guide.

We also went to a pub together to get to know other travellers and buy discounted tours (other tours they offered).  I was so impressed with this tour that I bought all three – Old City of London, Grim Reapers of London and Pub Crawl.  Walking tours are probably one of the best ways to meet others.  For this tour I met a few people and organised to go to the pub crawl together.  Going with people you’ve met before when travelling alone is much more fun and safer!

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