What I love about being a Twin

Two days ago my sister and I turned 24.  We had a pretty awesome birthday party.  We had good friends and family around us eating, playing mahjong and poker.  It was a good day but the best thing about my birthday is that I share it with my twin sister Meiling.

It is the best thing ever and I always think about what a great bundle of joy we are!

Here are the many things that I love about being a Twin:

  • Being born together, your childhood is never lonely!
  • Always having someone there with you going to school and home again.  Like a 24/7 friend 🙂
  • It’s easy to organise a party because there’s 2 of us and we share most friends.
  • Soul-mates
  • If you’re identical, you can play tricks with people!
  • Get to share clothes and shoes!
  • Dressing up the same for the fun of it!
  • Easy to introduce yourself with something interesting to say (eg “Hi I’m Meilei and I’m an identical twin :-D”)
  • Get special attention because you’re a twin (if you’re a kid, hell yeah!)
The Cons of being a Twin:
  • When your twin has a boyfriend/girlfriend and you don’t
  • Some people think we’re expensive because there’s 2 of us.
  • People asking whether we can ‘feel each others pain if one got hit’ or whether we can ‘read each other’s mind’
  • If you have very similar names, usually one of our records gets deleted (such as bank accounts, library cards, medical history etc.. trust me it happens all the time with us!)  Also, sometimes computers can’t even handle us in the same database so they have to use my nickname or A1 and A2!
  • Having sleazy men say, “I’ve always fantasized about having a threesome with twins”.
  • Some schools don’t allow twins to be in the same class (which I think is terrible, I was shattered!).

But here are the things I love about Meiling:

  • Everything 🙂

Meiling and I

Being a twin in my experience is like having a best friend.  It’s exactly the same thing except you are born together.  Always having someone to be there for you and who understands you is always a wonderful thing to have.

There are a few twins that don’t get along with each other which is a shame but any other twin I know who does have a good relationship would know it’s the best thing in the world!

To conclude, on behalf of all twins in the world:

  1. No we can’t read each other’s mind!
  2. Go ahead and punch the older twin, we won’t feel a thing 😛 (keke)
  3. No we won’t have threesome with you.  It would also be illegal!
  4. There’s no such thing as an ‘evil’ twin.. or is there………….. muahahaha
  5. Fook mee and Fook yu are terrible names to name your twins
  6. Buy two gifts and not one for them to share (mainly for kids).. they will fight for it.  Trust me.
  7. There IS a ‘smarter’ twin…………………..
  8. Yes we share clothes.  Saves $$$
  9. It’s not cute to make us wear the same thing as we get older!
  10. Every twin is unique.  Treat us who we are not what we are.
  11. Identical twins may play tricks on you!!!!!!!!!  beware……………..

🙂 x 2

P.S I do have a tip for parents who have twins though.. if you have a 3rd child (younger than the twins) have another because it can get a bit lonely for them as my little sister has experienced.


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