My 2012 New Year Resolution

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year everyone!  I have been extremely busy and whoa my last post was almost 3 months ago!  My apologies.  Ever since I got back to Melbourne (my hometown) I’ve been busy with the festive season and most of all my new business with my fiance  Check it out guys, we mainly make apps but we also do websites.

About Pork ‘n Bunny

Guys check us out.  We’re fairly new.

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Checked it out?  Cool, thanks 🙂

Anyway, just quickly recapping 2011, a lot has happened.  I my last year’s resolution was the year of travelling.   I like to give themes to my new year’s resolution.  I find that it works for me as it keeps the list short and so that I can focus on the one thing than many after many years of having long list of  resolutions..  I think life is long (thanks to advance technologies) and we have plenty of time to master the things we want to achieve in our lives (if we stick to it).

How did the ‘Year of Travelling’ go for me?

Great!  2011 was definitely the best year for me because I had achieve at least 2 milestone of my life!  1) I graduated from University 2) I got engaged 🙂 

Ok ok.. maybe engaged isn’t a milestone but it’s a pretty big deal to a girl :-P.  Plus I got to travel 6 months all over Europe with my honey so that was cool 🙂  Also, we started our own business together last year as well!

So what would this year’s resolution be……

The Year of Hard Work (plus a new life)

Pork 'n' Bunny

“My life’s goal had always been about travelling.”

But last year my fiance’s idea was we start our own business together (working remotely) while living around the world.

I thought to myself…… awesome.  That’s what I want to do!

So this year’s resolution is about work (and to get married).

What to expect on this blog this year

It will be related to this year’s resolution. But here’s a list:

  • Wedding Planning
  • Photography (learn to use my SLR camera)
  • Work from Pork ‘n’ Bunny – app and web related

And to add some travel element to it, I’ll post some of last years travel from time to time.  I have a feeling I’ll be in Australia for a while… but might go to China in March with my mum.