Farewell London: A list of things I’ll miss about London

Farewell London!!  I am back in Australia with my fiancé after being away from home for just over 6 months.

It’s been very very busy since we got back!! We don’t sleep until 4am and we’ve been catching up with family and friends as well as just getting stuff organised.

When we first arrived back in Melbourne, it felt very foreign.  The view is different, it’s more quite and it felt like nothing has changed.  What’s scary is that when I came back, it doesn’t feel like I even left Melbourne.

Anyway, here are the things I will miss about London..

  •  Free Amazon.co.uk shipping!! 😦
  • Ann Summers……. *sigh*
  • Effective public transport (but not the fare!)
  • The Penthouse and all the good times we had
  • Shopping..
  • Cheap beer and a whole variety!
  • Legal to buy fireworks!
  • The beautiful sun set
  • Easyjet (haha)
  • Cute black mini cabs
  • The people I’ve met
  • The BBQ’s and cooking together
  • Curry
  • WHS – good Web design mags.. *sigh*
  • The ice cream truck.. (at home I always hear it keke)

What I don’t miss about London:

  • Tube snort! (where your booger is black because of the tube!)
  • Asian food (Chinese) isn’t that good..
  • Customer services (mainly the migrants)

We’ll be back one day..  who knows where we’ll be settling.

Off to Sydney this Monday for 2 weeks.  Busy busy busy!!!