London Film Museum, London Eye and a proposal <3

On the 1st of October was a long day for me.  My boyfriend and I got up at 3.30am to go to a pub to watch the ALF Grand Finals in Fulham from 4am until 9am.  It was weird because I’ve been in the UK for months and all of a sudden everyone is Australian!  I must admit I found the aussie accent really really.. weird even though I’m Australian myself!!  I don’t watch sports but it was a really good match.

After that we had breakfast and then went home for a nap then got up to go out again to Waterloo!!

London Film Museum

The London Film Museum is at Waterloo near the London Eye.  It’s not very busy but you get to take lots of cool pictures!  Some areas you can’t like in the Green Room.  If you go, check out the Star Wars pictures of other people!  It’s really creative and funny!  It’s also a must go if you are a Harry Potter fan.

Look! I'm flying on HP a broom stick!! wheeeeeeeee

Costume from Superman returns!

Harry Potter stuff

An old fashion car where you can pretend you are being filmed driving!!

Charlie Chapman section

I got to meet The Simpsons!

There’s a lot more to see although the museum itself isn’t as big but it’s really fun 🙂  On the day we went, they were filming Arab Idol. Who knows, you might even meet someone famous when you’re there!!

London Eye

London Eye is a very popular tourist attraction.  To be honest I didn’t want to go because I was discourage by the long queues.  Fortunately they have Fast Track tickets so you don’t have to wait long but that’s a little more expensive.  Since this is my last week in London my boyfriend suggested that we must go!  So I agreed only if we get the Fast Track tickets!!  While he went to get the tickets I ran to line up first while he got the tickets but I was rejected because I needed a ticket before I line up!

Long queue to board the London Eye!

The Pod! It's big and air-conditioned!

To my surprise, the fast track tickets got us Champaign as well! I was really impressed!

I was really impressed with the service we get for just paying a little bit more!  I thought the Fast Track ticket is awesome because there’s a limited of people which means more room to move and it is really relaxing and pleasant!  (I soon found out later that we were on the Champaign Experience and not the standard Fast Track admission!).

View from the North I think..?

Another view

The City where my boyfriend works!

The Shard which is still under construction

The big ben!

A full pod at the very top!

The Proposal

Yes, there’s a special ending to this ride!!  I had no idea that our whole trip that day was all planned!!  Here’s how it all happened!

He asked the staff to take a picture for us..

The picture before. I could feel he was really nervous and I thought, 'Why is he so nervous?'

Then suddenly he asked for everyone’s attention and then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!

I said yes! 😀

Then he placed a very very beautiful diamond ring on my hand ❤

Officially engaged!!

We were so happy that we celebrated with friends  by having a barbecue AND FIREWORKS!!  London is so cool!  It’s legal to buy fireworks from supermarkets!!

Happy together no matter the weather! 1st October 2011

It was definitely one of the best day of my life!  I was genuinely surprised and I think he did a great job!  It was perfect location, perfect weather and perfect setting!  I’m not fussy but I’m glad he could propose to me in London specifically because that’s where we began dating.

Now all he needs to do is meet the parents and family! (yes, we did it backwards but who really cares?  Life should be spontaneous and spontaneous it was indeed!! 🙂 )

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