Are Contiki tours dangerous for you?

Today I read an article about a 23 year old Aussie female who died on a Rome Contiki tour.  In short she was at a party drinking (not sure if she took drugs) and died in her sleep.

I went to a European 20 day long tour with Contiki this year.  This was very sad news for me.  I think Contiki is a fantastic tour company but do have a reputation..

I knew nothing about Contiki but this is what I was told before I went on Contiki:

  • “People just wanna hook up and have sex”
  • “It’s all about drinking and going wild.. very wild..”
  • “Lonely hearts club”

Besides all that, “You have to do it at least once in your life!”

I would say the above is quite true in some way.  Contiki is a very professional company and I think they did a good job taking care of us and showing us how to respect our driver and the people around us.  The issue wasn’t Contiki though, it was their travellers.

How to enjoy a Contiki night out

After a few days (or not even 2 days) you’ll know who can’t control themselves.  In most evenings (well pretty much every night) after dinner usually we have a Contiki night out and we’ll go drinking together.

Alcohol gives us confidence and probably a lot more chattier.  But too much alcohol can really make you look like a fool.  Yeah, really.  You might like the attention the next day and people going to you, “You were so pissed, mate! It was hilarious!”.   You liked it so much you did it AGAIN!! and AGAIN!!  This is what I saw on Contiki.  Here are some things I suggest you can do to enjoy a responsible night out.

Rule #1  Know your limits

Sure it’s fun and a good way to get to know others more and you don’t have to drink alcohol.  Really, you don’t have to drink a lot of it!  There’s nothing fun about feeling sick on a bus the next morning!

Rule #2 You’re still cool if you don’t drink

There are more nice people out there in the world than unfriendly ones.  They won’t think you’re a loser that you don’t want to drink.  Don’t let peer pressure get to you.  They’ll respect you for it.

Rule #3  You don’t have to stay up all night

Some people think if you last the night, you’re pretty awesome.  Yeah,  your probably are but your body won’t think you are!  Travel can really stress your body!  If you’re tired, go to bed!  Don’t feel you have to make the most of your time with Contiki by staying up late with everyone else.  You should look after yourself and have the energy to do more exploring!  Alternatively, catch up sleep on the bus!  (That’s if you don’t mind missing out on some sites!)

I hope this can bring some awareness to people to act responsibly when travelling.

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