Eurogamer Expo

Last weekend my boyfriend and I got free entry into Eurogamer Expo (connections :-D) at Earls Court.  I’ve never been before but I enjoyed it a lot.

I know you know you wish you were there.

When I first entered the building… there were lots of games and boys.  Lots of them.   From left to right, up and down!  I almost fainted.  Not because of the boys but it was humid!  There were many computers and machines running and boys playing that it generated so much heat and sweat from the boys I didn’t think I could make it.

Computer games + boys = BO big time

Boys boys boys everywhere!

YAY! Final Fantasy XIII-2!

Indie games is a great section where you can meet developers and play their games which is great for my boyfriend and myself as we are interested in developing our own game someday.  One of the guy we spoke with was a talented young man who designed and developed the game all by himself.  I like that.  Had working boys are always nice for girls 😉

Indie games

Replay area is my favourite! You get to play all these old school (and some of them is REALLY old school) games!  Yes it really does bring back the childhood in you ❤

The Retro games section. Totally awesome.

Remember this? Oh yeah, it's so damn fine!

I love to button bash! Yeah! die die die!!

Baby, you're never too old to be touched by these boys!

They also had an 18+ section.  No! There’s no naughty nudity games!  It’s just where all the really bloody and violent games are!  It was cool but we weren’t allowed to take photos, unfortunately.

This lady told me off for taking pictures.. SOMEONE GIVE HER A PAY RISE!!

Guess who?! keke

There was all sorts of stuff you could see, do, buy and eat 🙂

Most importantly………… you get………………. FREEBIES!! yay!!

Everybody loves free stuff!

If you came earlier enough you could’ve gotten a free console 😉  Enjoy!