Masada and the Dead Sea over-rated?

Tour company:  United Tour; Date of tour: 18th of September 2011

Tour description: Drive via the Judean Desert to the Dead Sea area. Visit Massada, the fortress of King Herod and the last stronghold of the Zealots. Continue along the shores of the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth) to Ein Gedi Spa to enjoy its therapeutic qualities as the rich mineral hot springs, the therapeutic mud and to enjoy the unique experience of floating on the rich mineral water of the Dead Sea.  

I love going away from the city.  I love cliffs and rocks and being near the sky!  Masada is about 2 hours drive south-west from Tel Aviv.  It is an ancient old palace on top of the a cliff.

Taking a cable car up to Masada

Once on top, follow the crowd.

Bits and pieces of the remaining palace

Models of what the palace could've looked like

The beautiful mosaic floor.

My fave is the view. Look at how sexy the texture at the bottom is. Also you can see the Dead Sea from here.

I’ll leave the rest for you to explore.  I absolutely love the mosaic floors! Where can I hire these slaves????? Oh.. they are all dead.. 😦 Besides that, the view from up there turns me on.  Seriously.  I get excited about heights and awesome views!

Now I’m sure 90% of you out there have the Dead Sea on your bucket list!!  It was mine.. but let me tell you this… I honestly didn’t enjoy it.. It was not fun at all..

This is the Dead Sea. It looks so innocent.. and it's old people friendly (look at them float!)

But this is what's BENEATH IT!! It's f**king painful! WEAR SHOES INTO THE DEAD SEA!!

Yes, I was warned by other tourist and the tour guide.. I wore my flip flops (or thongs if you like to call it that 😉 ) and it slipped to the side of my feet (BOTH OF THEM) and my bare foot was stepping on those nasty sea salt crystals!!  IT WAS PAINFUL!! T_T mummy.. Also floating gets tiring to the lower back unless you are brave enough to stick your head in..  got an open wound on your body?? oh yeah.. you’re gonna have heaps of fun..

You’re gonna have so much fun going into the Dead Sea and opening your eyes in the water..  go do it!!  In fact, try swimming as if it’s a normal beach!  Good luck, mate.. good bloody luck!!  Although I don’t regret the salty experience, I personally wouldn’t want to go back.  Nissii Beach in Cyprus was much more fun 😦 Could be the fact that I went alone.  Afterall, the more the merrier.

Other alternative is to get down and dirty! Oh yeah!! My kind of thing!  The following old couple was kind enough to allow me to take a picture of them during their foreplay 🙂

This old couple getting it on! Slapping mud on one another! So kinky..

Anyway, that is all.  Stay tuned for my Jerusalem tour!

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