Tel Aviv why you so expensive?

Last weekend I went to Israel with my boyfriend.  He had business there for 2 days, that means I had 2 days of travels.. So what do I do while all by myself?  I booked myself a day tour!

We arrived at Tel Aviv and stayed at the Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv.  It’s and old looking hotel, but it’s ok.  The customer service is excellent and we get complimentary chocolates on our bed 🙂  I love chocolates keke. What sucks is that besides that.. nothing else is free.  Wifi costs USD22 for 24 hours??  This is a 5 star hotel mind you.  The water bottle in our room was USD8??? Omg.. you’ve got to be kidding me.  Thank goodness Tel Aviv tap waters are safe to drink!  Showers are good, view was nice and location is good too.  We are right next to the beach.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to to swim but we were told the sea is nice and warm.  Aww that’s nice.

Anyway the only tours Hilton offered was the United Tour company.

I booked (1 day tours appox 10hours each, from Tel Aviv prices shown):

Anyway Tel Aviv is expensive.. a lot of the prices are listed in USD.   I can’t say much about Tel Aviv as I had limited amount of time to explore it but this is as much as I got of Tel Aviv.
Room View from Hiton Hotel Tel Aviv

The view from our hotel room

Sunset from Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv

Aww you can see the beach and sun set ❤ Isn't that romantic?

Old Jaffa, Israel

Old Jaffa