Hello bloggers of the world!

Hi there guys!  This is my new blog!

I usually write with a pen and paper for this kind of stuff… but decided, “Hell, sharing is caring!!” also the benefits of the Internet is that I don’t have to carry my diary everywhere I go!  I used to blog but my media teacher asked if we give a damn so much about our privacy.. why the hell are we blogging about our lives?

I thought.. damn that’s a good question!

And so I stopped..  but now I shall continue but more about my travels.

As I now have lots of saved up mooooney and I’m still young, no kids, carefree….. I’m gonna travel.  Don’t stop me.

Why I love travelling:

  • No parents to bug you
  • Meet lots of people
  • Lots of pub crawls
  • Eat a variety of foods
  • Learn and experience more than what the classroom has to offer
  • and [insert why you love travelling here]
The downside of travelling I’ve experienced is getting sick was the main reason and also my luggage.. argh!  Dragging that thing all over Europe is awful! 
ANYWAY, I have tons of travel photos and stories so there will be many photos and entries about my past journeys! 
I hope you guys enjoy my future entries and I most welcome your comments!

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